PVupdate [22K]
Downloaded:486 times
Version:1.07 (17th Jul 2004)
Requirements:RISC OS 3.1 or above
188K wimpslot

Sometimes when I produce a new version of an application, it's inevitable that I may have to change the internal data structure of the application.

This is especially likely if I've added a number of new features to an application and require more options to store within data files etc.

Rather than keep writing little converter applications or individual patches, which can often confuse people, I've decided to write a general multi-purpose upgrader.

Please note that PVupdate does not actually carry out the upgrade of the application, but merely updates any relevant internal files to the latest format. Once running PVupdate and it reports that updating has been successful, you should then drag the new version of the application over the old one.

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