Installing SSL in Fresco

Some additional notes for installing the Fresco SSL module

These notes were originally emailed to users to accompany the Fresco SSL module upgrade. They are relevant to anyone installing the upgrade available to download from this site.

Installing Fresco SSL

I would recommend that people use the 128 bit SSL module as this will provide the relevant level of security to access most highstreet bank web sites and perform online shopping. If installing the 128bit module, the 40bit one is not needed.
Please do not distribute to any third person. Dealers should contact me personally with regards to passing on to their customers.

Although I have not found any problems with this module so far, I'm treating it as a beta release as far as feedback and comments go.

This module is somewhat larger than the original HTTP module supplied within Fresco itself. To avoid editing Fresco's !Run file, or adding installation files to your InetSuite, I would recommend simply copying the module (it should be filetyped MODULE in case your web browser mangles it) onto a convenient place on your hard disc. As long as Fresco is not actually in the middle of a fetch, you can simply double-click on this replacement module in order for Fresco to start using it.

However, if you would like to replace the existing HTTP module within Fresco, please take a backup of your original module (which is stored inside !Fresco.Rm) somewhere safe and rename this module to the same name and copy over the top of the existing module. The internal name is the same so you won't need to edit any of the !Run files etc, as long as the file name is the same.

Please note, that as it is a lot larger it might pose a problem on 4MB computers - but I would recommend a minimum of 8MB for serious internet use anyway.

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