These notes were originally emailed to users to accompany the Fresco 2.13 upgrade. They are relevant to anyone installing the upgrade available to download from this site.

Fresco 2.13 Upgrade

This is stored as a standard ZIP archive, so you will need to use !Sparkplug (or !SparkFS) to decode the !ArgoUpgr application. Copy this application into a suitable directory on your harddisc and double-click on it to run.
It will automatically detect a previous installation of Fresco and you can follow the instructions given.

If you don't have a copy of the ABCLib module you can download a copy from mythird party software page.

It will perform a check to confirm that you have the correct version in order to upgrade and if all is well it will decode and create a file called "Fresco213" and place it in the same directory that you copied !ArgoUpgr into in the first place.

Fresco213 is a standard Ant Upgrade file and can be upgraded in the usual fashion by using the !Upgrader application within the Ant Suite itself. If you encounter any problems decoding the upgrade file, please contact me
(please note that due to volume of work, I reserve the right to ignore emails from non Ant Support Scheme members)

You may want to make a backup of your previous version of Fresco before you install the new one. This will ensure that you have a backup in case anything should go wrong.

This installation includes the new WebFTP module. However, it contains the non SSL version of the http module. This is for distribution reasons because the 128bit SSL module may not be exported from the UK. If you've previously installed the SSL module, please ensure that you make a backup before installing this new version of Fresco.

Once you've installed the new version I would recommend completely purging your Fresco cache (delete the Fresco directory from within !Scrap) and deleting your !Fresco.!History file before you run this new version.

If you have any problems with the actual use of Fresco, I've created a 'problems' page on my web site at which might help you to locate sources of possible problems.

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