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Henri Paul - The Driver

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12th Sep 1997 - The Drivers third blood test

What are the media/MI6 disinformation agents playing at? A third blood test! Who are they trying to fool? Looks like they are starting to worry about the conspiracy theories gaining momentum. For a start you can't take blood tests from someone who has been dead for thirteen days, so when was this supposed 3rd test done. If the sample was taken at the time of death, why has it taken 13 days to announce the results? Why didn't they say "We've taken three blood samples, but you'll have to wait a couple of weeks for the results?" But no, oh no. At the time of death no announcement is made of blood tests, then a couple of days later (as the conspiracy theories start taking off) the first reports of alcohol come in, but are dismissed as 'something fishy going on' then nearly TWO WEEKS later, announcement of a third and positive blood test. Extrememly fishy if you ask me.

I have a huge amount of additional information, which I hope to be uploading soon.