- Exposing the truth THEY don't want you to know

The People Newspaper speculates over the murder of Princess Diana (27th Oct 1997)

Finally the British Press are waking up to the reality that the 'facts' surrounding the crash which killed Diana, Princess of Wales, simply don't add up. There are two many questions that are being avoided or just dismissed in waves of disinformation.

We must show our love for Diana, by continuing our quest for the real truth and for keeping the pressure on to release the true facts about what happened. Only then may the real murderers be brought to justice and the conspiracy exposed as the truth.

The People newspaper must be congratulated for continuing the quest for truth by asking vital questions and demanding answers. The People asks the following questions, which I agree, should be answered NOW!

  • WHY are certain witness statements being withheld from the judge?
  • WHY has a second judge been brought in to the investigation and what is her role?
  • WHY has the evidence of British witness and lawyer Gary Hunt been dismissed as "fanciful" when he has not been interviewed despite making himself available?
  • WHY was there a lengthy delay in interviewing and taking statements from Ritz Hotel employees?
  • WHY was an offer from manufacturers Mercedes to examine the wrecked car turned down?
  • WHY were the parents of driver Henri Paul refused permission for a second post-mortem examination?
  • WHAT was the involvement, if any, of MI6 in monitoring Diana's movements in France?
  • WHAT happened to a necklace and large sum of money reported to be in the car?

It is good to see that the National media is finally waking up and starting to ask the same questions that we have been stating ever since the crash occurred.

The People asks why it took nearly two hours to get Diana to the hospital, despite passing two others on the way. They also state that driver Henri Paul was 'a convenient scrapegoat'. Hooray! we've been saying that ever since that fateful night. The article also reports Diana as saying once, "One day I'm going in a helicopter and it'll blow up. MI5 want to do away with me."

The People also go on to summarise five other theories as to why she could have been murdered. Although some of the theories printed, come from the more dubious end of the conspiracy spectrum, I applaud The People for making a headline out of things we have been stating right from the beginning. I only hope now that more people will start to ask questions and serious investigations will continue.