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Newsweek spread disinformation about Diana murder

The most suspicious story yet of the 'powers that be' to discredit the driver and apportion the blame, appeared in the September 22nd 1997 issue of Newsweek magazine. I predicted, nearly a week before the article was published, that this Bilderberg mouthpiece would no doubt try to spread disinformation.

It starts the article by pure fiction and in the vein of a true paperback trash novel tries to paint a picture of Henri Paul being "a sad figure." It went on to say that "He had no wife, and his girlfriend had left him. To pass the lonely hours he sometimes took a drink, or several.", then adds, "He took pills too", for depression and tranquilizers for alcoholics.

Notice the use of words like 'sad' and 'lonely hours' - pure speculation and emotional disinformation!

This reads like the intro to some fictional novel and is hardly objective news reporting. It's only purpose is to pile the blame on the driver by making him out to be some manic depressive alcoholic - which is plainly not true if we are to believe the testimonies of people who knew him.

The whole article is full of adjectives and demonstrative, emotional words, plainly designed to shift blame squarely onto Henri Paul - whom I feel is being used as an innocent scrapgoat who cannot defend himself.