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Paint mark discovered on Princess's car

According to The Daily Telegraph (pp.3) of Monday September 15th 1997, Paris police investigating the wreckage of the crashed Mercedes have discovered a "mysterious" scratch along the right-hand side of the tangled wreckage. This indicates that another car was involved, as rumoured here a couple of weeks before the official announcement.

This could very well have been the assassins creating an obstruction in front of the car to make it swerve and lose control, or possibly even swerved towards the Princess's car to cause the crash.

The media also continue to discredit Henri Paul, the driver, by continuing to claim he was over the drink drive limit. If this is the case, why have they only just announced the results of the third blood test. You cannot take blood tests after death, so why was this third test announced two weeks after the crash. Why didn't the authorities tell us at the time that they had taken blood samples, but we would have to wait for the results? Instead, wild speculation was going around immediately after the crash and no one issued an official statement to say that results were pending. Instead, as claims that the driver was not drunk started to gain momentum, the results of this 'third' test' suddenly appear from nowhere, as if to pile more disinformation on the case.

Very highly suspicious if you ask me!