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Who Killed Diana DVD
"Princess Diana: The Hidden Evidence"
by Jon King & John Beveridge
CoverPublished by: Roundhouse Publishing, 2001
ISDN: 1561719226
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This explosive book looks set to blow the lid on the murder of Princess Diana. It provides indisputable evidence and is well written and researched. This is destined to become a best seller, and certainly a book I would recommend that everyone reads, if they want to find out the real truth behind Princess Diana's murder.
Now to be made into a film.
"A Royal Duty"
by Paul Burrell
CoverPublished by: Michael Joseph, 2003
ISDN: 0718147200
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The controversial book written by Diana's personal butler. Serialised by The Mirror newspaper and exclusively revealing the letter Diana wrote 10 months before her murder, in which she stated that she believed Prince Charles was going to arrange for her 'car accident'.
"Who Killed Diana"
by Peter Hounam & Derek McAdam
CoverPublished by: Vision Paperbacks, 1998
ISDN: 1901250172
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This investigation into the death of Princesss Diana and her lover, Dodi Fayed, puts forward evidence that the tragedy was not an accident.