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StickyPad provides just that - a little sticky pad for your desktop, a bit like those little yellow notes you attach to your monitor in order to remind you about things.

I was inspired to write this quick utility after following a discussion on comp.sys.acorn newsgroups and I couldn't find a utility which worked quite like 'Stickies' on Mac OS X, which I'll admit that I quite like. Thus, I quickly wrote this utility in a couple of hours one evening. It may hopefully find itself becoming a series of articles on wimp programming for my RISC OS Academy, or RISC OS Now magazine.

After a couple of days fine tweaking, it's now got a reasonably comprehensive range of features, so please let me have any comments if you like it, or constructive criticism if you don't.

What's New


  · ToDoby Bernard Veasey
Create and display 'To Do' lists. Also provides a 'mini-type' Pinboard facility and an auto-save option.
  · Notesby the Really Good Software Company
A commercial offering, described as the ultimate computer sticky pad utility.


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