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There follows a concise list of changes between each version of StickyPad, in reverse date order so that the latest changes are listed first.
N.B. The latest version may not necessarily be the released version, as current development is also shown here.

 v1.08 (30th Oct 2007)
        a) Bug fix: Allow top-bit characters in sticky notes. This allows for  signs and other
           characters to be included in notes.
 v1.07 (1st Sep 2007)
        a) Added 15 minute demo period to unregistered versions.
        b) Bug fix: Now allows you to delete the first line of notes.
 v1.06 (29th Jul 2007)
        a) Added support for launching email addresses in notes.
        b) Added support for individual colours per note.
 v1.05 (10th Jul 2007)
        a) Bug fix: Deleting a line at the end of a note now works correctly.
        b) Bug fix: Implemented word wrap at the end of lines and prevented error message from
           being given if you attempt to type off the end of the line on the maximum line of a
 v1.04 (3rd Jul 2007)
        a) Bug fix: Corrected window adjustment for long lines shrinking window when they're
           not the longest line.
        b) Added registration window to encourage users to register !StickyPad.
        c) Added support for ink (foreground) colour, with default set to black (wimp colour 7)
        d) Added 'Advanced' button to choices window, to load the choices file into a text
 v1.03 (27th Jun 2007)
        a) Added 'Auto Save' option.
        b) Updated interactive help text.
        c) Added default hotkey mappings to !Help file.
 v1.02 (16th Jun 2007)
        a) Added support for URLs starting with www. as well as those starting http://
        b) Added option to control public access to shared notes.
        c) Bug fix: Save window positions when you save notes via f3.
        d) Added 'Save positions' menu option to store just the new positions of notes - useful
           for networked machines if you want to store the positions of local windows without
           re-saving the actual notes.
 v1.01 (14th Jun 2007)
        a) Put X, Y offsets of new note into choices file, for advanced users to edit the
           default values if they want to.
        b) Changed default offset for new notes to be just below previous note when minimised.
        c) Added CTRL up/down to go to the start/end of a note.
        d) Added better support for moving notes to new positions.
        e) Added 'Note' menu option to give key shortcuts from sub-menu.
        f) Changed delete note to CTRL-X keypress due to popular demand/convention. :-)
        g) Added hotkey codes to choices file so that advanced users can redefine them.
        h) Added ability to copy and paste notes, including last deleted one.
        i) Bug fix: Improved handling of userpath for notes shared between computers.
        j) Added option to load note into a text editor (CTRL-E)
 v1.00 (12th Jun 2007)
        a) Moved totalnotes value into user-defined choices directory, so that notes can be
           stored remotely (ie. network shares etc).
        b) Added confirmation warning to saving notes (f3).
        c) Added ability to reload notes (f2).
        d) Added above two options to 'Notes' sub-menu.
        e) Re-worded some of the warning messages.
 v0.04 (11th Jun 2007)
        a) Bug fix: Auto expand correctly opens and closes windows when you have multiple notes
           on screen.
        b) Added 'Start maximised' option to complement 'Start minimised'.
        c) Added 'Add horizontal scroll bars' option.
        d) Bug fix: Sorted very wide notes occasionally being created on startup.
        e) Bug fix: 'Help' menu option correctly loads !Help file (silly typo in filepath!)
 v0.03 (10th Jun 2007)
        a) Added option to put icon on iconbar.
        b) Bug fix: Line spacing icons correctly toggled on initial loading.
        c) Bug fix (hopefully): Fixed occasional 'very wide' note being created on initial
        d) Added facility to insert and delete lines.
        e) Bug fix: Double-clicking with 'Adjust' doesn't bring the window to the front.
        f) Implemented support for user-defined path for storing sticky notes.
        g) Set max number of notes to 75, which seems more realistic.
        h) Changed pointer to indicate links in 'Info' window.
 v0.02 (10th Jun 2007)
        a) Added 'Auto Expand' option
        b) Automatically extend notes when you type on the last line.
        c) Bug fix: Note data is no longer reset when you delete the choices file.
        d) Moved choices to dedicated choices window instead of using menus.
        e) Expanded max notes to 100 and max lines per note to 50.
        f) Added support for double-clicking on URLs.
        g) Made choices file human readable.
        h) Added preliminary support for different colours.
        i) Added minimise option (to startup with all notes minimised)
 v0.01 (8th Jun 2007) ALPHA TEST 1
        a) First release version, proof of concept only!

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