NeXTBar [118K]
Downloaded:157 times
Version:1.30 (17th Feb 2009)
Requirements:RISC OS 3.1 or above
264K wimpslot
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A desktop application launcher to end all application launchers. :-)

Features include...

  • Up to 55 buttons per 'page' (depending on screen size)
  • Nine pages, or bars, easily switched via coloured tabs or CTRL-function keys (1-9)
  • Controllable via a menu or bar (see example screenshots below-left & right).
  • Selectable bar size, small or large.
  • Vertical or horizontal orientation, depending upon user preferences.
  • Password protection to stop unauthorised people editing the buttons or hotkeys.
  • Optional display of free memory.
  • Optional display of time or date.
  • Search facility to locate 'lost' applications.
  • Ability to lock screen position of bar.
  • Each application can be set to be 'seen' or even loaded automatically when NextBar starts up.
  • Each application can be assigned a 'hotkey' to simplify application launching.
  • The ability to assign URLs (or drag from a web browser) to each button.
  • The ability to assign a specific name to each button (useful for labelling web sites where the actual filename is generally just 'index.html', which is not very meaningful).
  • Relatively compact using a minimum of memory
  • Initate a web search using up to 20 popular (user definable) search engines.
  • Integrated !CloseFiles utility
  • Ability to print (or snapshot) any open window.
  • Facility to save application data directly to any directory stored in NeXTBar with optional 'dated 'sub-directory.
  • Automatically extract YouTube video files from HTML source code dragged to NeXTBar.

Known Bugs

17th Feb 2009 - At present there are no reported bugs. If you believe you've found a bug, or unexpected behaviour, please contact me.


  · AppDock IIby MW Software
NeXT style application launcher.
  · Docktorby Richard Windley
Docktor is a simple application dock.
It allows applications to be split into categories and then easily launched from a series of dock panels that slide onto the desktop as required.

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Click here to view a detailed history of NeXTBar versions.

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