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There follows a concise list of changes between each version of NeXTBar, in reverse date order so that the latest changes are listed first.
N.B. The latest version may not necessarily be the released version, as current development is also shown here.

v1.30 (17th Feb 2009)
        a) Bug fix: Pass on key handler when 'screenshot' window is active (ie. f12 works)
        b) Bug fix: When screenshotting windows that don't return a task name, assign task name
           to  instead of giving 'ofla...' error in task name icon.
v1.29 (9th Feb 2009)
        a) Bug fix: Correctly allow menu options to work without giving illegal window handle
           when using in 'iconbar only' mode. Thanks to P.N.Young for reporting this one.
v1.28 (26th Dec 2008)
        a) Bug fix: Correctly open directory when screen/window grab is dragged directly to 
           NeXTBar button. This feature was inadvertently omitted from v1.27
v1.27 (23rd Dec 2008)
        a) Bug fix: Correctly 'ungrey' directory icons if a new directory is dragged to a button
           as opposed to a button being edited.
        b) Bug fix: Allow screen/window grabs from NeXTBar to be saved into directories assigned
           to NeXTBar itself.
v1.26 (17th Dec 2008)
        a) Added support for 'AddTinyDir' for adding icons to the iconbar. Added to button menu
           as well as auto-start-up options.
v1.25 (9th Dec 2008)
        a) Bug fix: Allow 'grabbed' screens to be dragged directly into other RISC OS
           applications, such as OvationPro frames.
        b) Changed alternative 'Print/Save' keys to Alt+Print.
        c) Added option to choices to disable the screen grabbing/printing completely.
        d) Bug fix: Prevent <Wimp$Scrap> files being assigned to buttons (as this is an
           arbitrary, non permanent file.

v1.24 (27th Oct 2008)
        a) Bug fix: Amended icon drag routine so that the bounding box is the mouse pointer and
           not the icon edge.
        b) Extended maximum length of web search text (from 50 to 200 characters)
v1.23 (20th Sep 2008)
        a) Enhancement: Removed some of the restrictions in the demo version. You can now use
           'Hot' keys as well as gain access to the 'Apps' sub-menu and web search from button
        b) Bug fix: 'Print' key and function keys (to change bar being displayed) now work
           independently of the hot key facility being on or off (which should only control 
           whether or not hot keys can be assigned to NeXTBar buttons).
           Thus the print/grab window function will work in the demo version. Thanks to Steve
           Fryatt for spotting this one.
        c) New feature: Added dated directories to the save data facility.
v1.22 (15th Sep 2008)
        a) Enhancement: Data drag to buttons extended to allow objects to be dragged from 
           standard filer windows to buttons assigned as directories you can save into.
           (Thanks to Jim Nottingham for this suggestion)
        b) Added text file reminder for feedback to unregistered versions.
        c) Bug fix: Grey out 'then open' option if 'Auto-save in directory' is disabled.
        d) Added check for existing file when saving/copying objects to button when auto-save is
        e) Bug fix: Ensure correct menu item is ticked on iconbar icon apps menu.
        f) Updated StrongHelp manual again (split main choices into small, individual pages)
        g) Added detection for YouTube pages, so if a non video page is dragged to NeXTBar, it
           will pass the URL onto the underlying button handler.
v1.21 (7th Sep 2008)
        a) Bug fix: Tidied calculation for printing window borders and titles slightly.
        b) Swapped default action of printing window from 'Print' to 'Save'
        c) Changed alternative 'Print/Save' keys to Alt+Alt
        d) Added 'online' buttons to 'Info' window.
        e) Added option to auto-save files directory into button directories and optionally open
           the directory afterwards.
        f) Revamped StrongHelp manual a bit.
        g) Added code to automatically extract source movie files from YouTube pages, to make
           easy extraction for feeding to Murnong
           If Murnong has been 'seen' by the filer but is not already loaded, NeXTBar will 
           automatically load it for you.
        h) Bug fix: Reset Screen grabbing/print options in choices if 'Cancel' clicked.
v1.20 (29th Jun 2008)
        a) Added support for anonymous web searching.
        b) Added support for printing/saving any window.
        c) Updated !CloseFiles to v1.03
v1.19 (9th Feb 2006)
        a) Added support for Plugins and provided !CloseFiles utility as an example.
v1.18 (25th Jun 2005)
        a) Miscellaneous bug fixes.
v1.17 (10th Aug 2004)
        a) Bug fix: Web search now works for search engines with spaces in their name, ie. 'Google
        b) Improved interactive help to provide help on menus as well as windows.
v1.16 (17th Jul 2004)
        a) Bug fix: Toggling the auto hide and delay options in the choices window also activated
           the change password routine.
        b) New feature: Moving the pointer to the bottom left corner of the screen and pressing CTRL
           will open the bar, in case it's closed and you can't find the re-open activation area.
        c) Changed 'choices' file format to be human readable.
        d) Moved custom choices from 'Messages' file into 'choices' file.
        e) Made wimpslot 212k
        f) Improved 'stats' memory used calculation a bit.
        g) Bug fix: Adjust click on web search menu caused a floating point exception.
        h) Bug fix: Iconbar icon position fixed.
        i) Updated web search engines list.

v1.15 (6th Jun 2004)
        a) Bug fix: Hot-keys didn't work if the NeXTBar was auto-hidden.
        b) New feature: Added 'stats' window to provide simple statistics about NeXTBar and approx
           memory usage etc.
        c) New feature: Added open/close delay on auto-hide option.
v1.14a (23rd May 2004)
        a) Bug fix: Amended for compatibility with !PVupdate to update the internal choices file.
v1.14 (23rd May 2004)
        a) Bug Fix: Changing default search engine no longer resets the currently saved button bar.
        b) New feature: Added 'Auto Hide' facility to automatically hide the NeXTBar when the
           pointer moves away from it.

v1.13 (2nd May 2004)
        a) Bug Fix: Dragging buttons to non-existent positions has no effect on button repositioning
           (previously it sometimes updated the wrong button).
        b) Bug Fix: Filenames longer than 12 characters are correctly truncated in the button
           appearance 'name' options box.
        c) Change: Changed title of application options window to 'button options'.
        d) Bug Fix: 'Text Insert' button option now correctly works.
        e) New feature: Running ! as an obey file after startup.
        f) Added 'open data dir' option to choices.
        g) New feature: Added 'Web search' menu to perform web based searches using popular search
        h) Changed manual format from HTML to StrongHelp.

v1.12 (16th Aug 2003)
        a) Code amendment: Changed handling of MessageTrans calls slightly, to tidy potential error
        b) New feature: Added 'Help' option to buttons with applications assigned to them (assuming
           a !Help file is present).

v1.11 (29th Mar 2003)
        a) Bug fix: Disabled copy/move drag button operation if a password has been set.
        b) Bug fix: Correctly display interactive help for free mem/time/date icons (and remove
           array subscript out of range error).
v1.10 (21st Nov 2002)
        a) Bug fix: Prevented multiple NeXTBar icons from appearing on the iconbar if you enable the
           iconbar icon and repeatedly click ADJUST on the OK button in the choices window.
        b) Prevented multiple errors occurring if you change the name of a drive and multiple
           buttons fail to initialise.
        c) Re-wrote and improved password protection.
        d) New feature: Added search facility to quickly locate buttons.
v1.09 (22nd Oct 2002)
        a) Extended leafname checking to include : characters if there is no . detected.
        b) Added filename to leafname failure error message so you can see which button/file failed.
        c) Added 24 hour mode to the time function - configurable via the main choices window.
        d) Re-compiled with 32bit ABC module (should work on Iyonix)

v1.08 (18th May 2002)
        a) Bug fix: Prevented user being able to drag/move buttons outside NeXTBar window.
        b) Added facility to turn off 'stuck' hourglass by clicking on NeXTBar whilst holding down
        c) Added facility to drag files to the 'Application Options' window in order to
           modify/update the file path.
v1.07 (7th Feb 2002)
        a) Bug fix: Autoload option occasionally didn't recognise the first mouse click on it, when
           it was previously ON.
        b) Added 'Disable copy/move' option to main choices which will disable the ability to drag
           buttons to new locations.

v1.06 (21st Oct 2001)
        a) Bug fix: Fixed application launching from Apps menu.
v1.05 (17th Oct 2001)
        a) Made dragging things to buttons more intelligent, in that only applications set the
           default 'See on loading' set to 'on' and normal files/directories default to 'off'.
        b) Bug fix: Prevented repeated jumping to the front when using virtual desktop managers,
           such as !WorkSpace.
        c) Added facility to copy/move buttons by dragging them to new positions (hold SHIFT down
           to move button).
        d) Amended interactive help to display bar names when moving pointer over the coloured bar
        e) Added facility to toggle between clock/date display by clicking on the clock/date icon on
           the bar.
        f) Added facility to use a user-defined wimpsprite on each button.
        g) Expanded data area to allow for up to 55 buttons on each bar (previously 25)

v1.04 (17th Jun 2001)
        a) Bug fix: Stopped hotkeys intercepting non ctrl-keys (ie. pressing backspace used to
           trigger CTRL-H etc).
        b) Made free mem and clock icons clickable so that you can click on them to make bar go to
        c) Added 'Single click' option so that you can decide whether you want the buttons to
           activate on a single or double-click.
           Thanks to Wim van Cappellen for suggesting this option.

v1.03 (8th Jun 2001)
        a) Correctly scaled sprites when 'small bar' is set and there are no pre-defined wimp
           sprites available.
        b) Communicate the full 'button file path' to !Help when the mouse pointer is over one of
           the buttons.
        c) Added facility to insert text files at the caret position.
        d) Tidy up: 'Autoload' window not opened on loading unless there are other things to load.
        e) Bug fix: Setting horizontal bar with free memory display and no clock/date display
           corrupted the bar redraw.
        f) Bug fix: NeXTBar window not put to the back when you click ADJUST to update the main
        g) Bug fix: Correctly disallow ; characters in filenames and button names (this is because ;
           is used as an internal terminator for NeXTBar itself)
        h) Bug fix: Un-highlight any 'selected' buttons when you change bar.
v1.02 (25th May 2001)
        a) Bug fix (introduced in v1.01): Clicking adjust on the NeXTBar correctly puts the bar to
           the back.
v1.01 (24th May 2001)
        a) Bug fix: Occasionally allowed you to assign the same hotkey to different buttons. Now an
           error is correctly given.
        b) Amended button erasure confirmation message to contain correct button name, if unable to
           extract a valid leafname.
        c) Bug fix: Free memory/clock updated immediately when you OK the choices.
        d) Greyed out empty bars from the application menu.
        e) Changed NeXTBar bar title to display the title of the current bar.
        f) Tested working ok on RISC OS 3.11
        g) Bug fix: Clicking on title bar brings bar to front, even if 'lock position' is turned on.

v1.00 (8th May 2001)
        a) Added 'Apps' menu in order to load applications via menu control as well as via the
            navigation bar.
        b) Added iconbar option to main choices window.
        c) Added 'Unregister' option.
        d) Bug fix: The erase menu option wasn't greyed out correctly on blank buttons greater than
        e) Added 'Small' mode to display a minimalist bar.
        f) Bug fix: Allowed chars>127 to be used in filenames, thus allowing apps like !HTML³ to be
           assigned to a button correctly.
v0.03 (25th Apr 2001)
        a) Fixed minor bug in that URIs assigned to buttons were incorrectly
           assigned a filtype F91 instead of B28.
        b) Tidied a couple of icons so that unregistered users don't get the
           caret in the hotkey icon, even though it's greyed out.
        c) Fixed bug in maximum buttons error validation. (only allowed 20)
        d) Improved autoheight detection for changing into different screen modes. The bar shouldn't
           overlap the icon bar in any screen modes bigger than 640x480.
        e) Greyed out the 'erase' button option if menu clicked over empty buttons.
v0.02 (21st Apr 2001)
        a) Adjusted templates to work better with larger desktop fonts
        b) Added facility to adjust click on bar to 'put to back'.
        c) Added 'Help' option to main menu, which will load this !Help file.
v0.01 (16th Apr 2001)
        - First version (test)

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