PILGRIMAGE to THE HOLY LAND, March 1978 (page 2)

Friday 17th

In the morning we went on a guided walk of the old city of Jerusalem to walk along the Via Dolorosa (the way Jesus carried the cross). We saw lots of Arab bazaars and open shops. We also saw people selling things on the street. It was just like the time of Jesus. We also saw the pool of Bethesda.

The Via Dolorosa ended at the Church of the Holy Sepulchre which is built on the place of the crucifixion and the Resurrection. We went inside and saw the tomb of Jesus.

Nearby we went into a souvenir shop and bought some Arab headresses and Daddy and I had our picture taken with a donkey in the background and the man wanted paying because we had his donkey in it. We then returned to the hotel.

The Market

The Market

After lunch we drove to Bethany and saw Lazarus tomb where Jesus raised Lazarus from the dead.

We then drove along the Jericho road and through the Wilderness. In the Wilderness we saw some Bedouin tents and some goats.

Olive Press

Camels in the Wilderness

When we got to Jericho which is the oldest city in the world (over 9,000 years old) we saw lots of orange and lemon trees and lots of lovely pink flowers.

We then drove to Qumran and saw the monastery where they wrote the Dead Sea Scrolls and we saw the caves where they found the Dead Sea Scrolls. We then went to the Dead Sea which is the lowest place on Earth (over 400 metres below sea level).

The Dead Sea

The Dead Sea

We walked down to the shores and paddled with Olga (a lady we met and became friendly with on our tour).

I tried tasting the Dead Sea which is also the worst tasting thing on Earth. It was horrible.

Mummy was collecting bits of salt and things when suddenly she got sucked up to her knees in thick grey mud. I had to pull her out.

We then drove back to the hotel.

The Dead Sea



Various wrappers we collected

Chocolate barLabel
Sugar packetSweets
Wrapper 4
Bus TicketMatchesMatches
Coffee wrapper
Salt wrapper
Pepper wrapper
Boarding pass
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