This is a copy of my original diary I wrote when I was 13 (and my sister Frances was 7) of our trip to Israel, the Holy Land. The text has been unaltered and merely converted to web format.

Wednesday 15th

We were very excited as we got up at about half past six, as we were leaving to go on holiday to the Holy Land.

We said goodbye to granny and grandad who were staying with us, and got in the car. Frances was taking her Lennie Lamb because she wanted him to see the shepherds fields in Bethlehem. Daddy had made him a little passport to take as well.

We drove to Heathrow Airport, where were we were getting the plane from.

When we got to Heathrow Airport we went to Terminal 3 and had all our luggage checked and had it sent off to be packed into the plane.

We then sat in the departure lounge and watched all the aeroplane times being flashed up on a board.

While we were waiting, Frances and I went to have a look at Concorde.


Lennie Lamb's Passport

When we got back to the lounge the board said our plane was boarding so we made our way to the gate where we were meant to get the plane. Here we were searched again before getting a bus to the plane.

When we got on the plane we sat down in our seats. We were lucky as we had a seat near a window. The Captain drove the plane to the runway before we took off. We rose steeply in the air and watched London disappearing far below us. Then it completely disappeared when we got above the clouds.

We were flying at 27,000 feet at about 450mph. When about an hour had passed, the Captain said "We are now over Belgium." Later we went over the Austrian Apls and could see the beautiful snow covered mountains. We were then served with a hot meal but we did not want it all as we were so excited over the Alps. When the sun went down it got dark very quickly.

At 8.45pm Israel time and 6.45pm British time we landed at Ben Gurian Airport in Tel Aviv. We collected our luggage and met the rest of our group. We then got into a coach and drove to our hotel in Jerusalem.

The Alps

Israel Map 2 Israel Map 1

Hotel in Jerusalem

Hotel in Jerusalem

When we got to our hotel we all sat in a big room and had a small snack before going to our rooms for the night.

Signs outside the Hotel in Jerusalem

Thursday 16th

After breakfast we went out to the coach. On the way a lot of Arab boys stopped us and wanted us to buy chocolate and postcards. Even when we said no they still kept on.

We got into the coach and drove to the Mount of Olives. We had a good view of Jerusalem and the Golden Dome and on the other side of the Judean Mountains.

The Ascension Chapel

The first place we went in was the Ascension Chapel where the legendary footprint of Jesus is. Then we walked down the Mount of Olives to the Garden of Gethsemane, admiring the view of Jerusalem on the way. In the Garden of Gethsemane we saw some very old olive trees which are the shoots of the ones that were there at the time of Jesus. We then went in the Church of All Nations and saw the bare rock where Jesus prayed just before he was arrested in the Garden of Gethsemane.

The Garden of Gethsemane

The Garden of Gethsemane

We then drove in the coach to the church of St.Peter of the Cock Crowing where Caiphas the high priest tried jesus before sending him to Pontius Pilate. And also where Peter denied Jesus before the cock crowed.

We drove to Dormition Abbey and the Cenacle (room of the Last Supper).

The traditional site of the Last Supper

After lunch we drove to Hebron and saw the family burial place of Abraham and Sarah. Then we went to Bethlehem and saw the shepherds fields where Frances took Lennie Lamb. Then we went to the Church of the Nativity and saw the stable where Mary had Jesus, the Manger and the actual spot where Jesus was born.



We then returned to the hotel.

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