VZap [99K]
Downloaded:351 times
Version:1.40 (23rd Mar 2008)
Requirements:RISC OS 2 or above
320K wimpslot


VZap is one of the few RISC OS virus killer and inoculators still being developed and is 32-bit compatible, being fully tested on the Iyonix. It detects virtually all known viruses, but as the RISC OS world is inherently much safer than Windows with regard to virus dangers, no new viruses have been added to the database for a few years now. Most updates have been merely maintenance updates.

Not only is !VZap capable of detecting viruses, in most cases it can restore infected files back to their original status and, whilst VZap is loaded, can even prevent them from loading in the first place.

Users of VZap may be interested in my ScanMod module scanner and version checker.

Those interested in privacy and fighting to keep it, may be interested in my other crypto software or in visiting Dr Nat Queen's excellent Acorn crypto pages.

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