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Please check this page frequently, as you'll only gain the benefits of ScanMod if it's kept up-to-date.


ScanMod is a comprehensive, easy to use module scanner for RISC OS computers. This is a very ambitious project, and one undergoing ongoing development. Please read the !Help file before use, or check the notes below.

ScanMod will scan your hard disc, detecting all module files. It will then perform a number of useful status checks;

ScanMod is ideal for people who want to quickly and easily scan the integrity of all module files and anyone who wants to keep their RISC OS machine tidy and up to date with the latest modules available. It will also act as a useful source of module information for offline searching, especially if you want to locate that elusive module.


Users of !ScanMod may also be interested in !CRC, which will calculate 32-bit checksums for any given file.

What's New

Updated some modules, including Iconv, MoreDesk etc

Master Database updated: 30th Dec 2008 (1576 modules)





Supplementary third-party utilities

  · Vermaby Lenny
Another module-related utility. This one reports detailed information about modules located in memory or on disc. It provides the usual array of module maintainance commands along with the ability to extract modules from the RMA to disc.


There follows a concise list of changes between each version, in reverse date order so that the latest changes are listed first.
N.B. The latest version may not necessarily be the released version, as current development is also shown here.

N.B. a, b, c etc. sub-versions signify an update to the database but not the main application.

 v1.11 (21st Oct 2008)
        a) Amended 'info' window to give links to online resources.
        b) Changed warning period for potentially out of date database to 90 days (from 30)
 v1.10 (22nd Mar 2008)
        a) Added support for ROOL binary release of beta modules.
 v1.09 (20th Mar 2008)
        a) New feature: Added SWI searching and internal database.
 v1.08 (15th Jan 2008)
        a) Bug fix: Improved detection of database age, so that out of date databases are
           indicated when you first load ScanMod.
 v1.07 (18th Aug 2007)
        a) Bug fix: Correctly read 32-bit flag from modules that store it at the very end of the
           file. Previous versions misread the byte through stopping 4 bytes short of EOF, to avoid
           potential 'end of file' errors. Improved error checking now prevents this.
 v1.06 (12th Jul 2007)
        a) Moved 'ignore' file into the choices directory so that it isn't overwritten if you copy
           a new version of !ScanMod over a previous version.
 v1.05 (12th Jun 2007)
        a) Added full details line to log file on 'OK' modules, to improve consistency between log
        b) Added hints and tips section to user manual.
 v1.04 (10th Jun 2007)
        a) Bug fix: Raise an 'aborted scan' status if a fatal error occurs during scanning.
        b) Changed choices file to human readable format. This will also eliminate 'type mismatch'
           errors if you upgrade from too early a version.
 v1.03 (7th Jun 2007)
        a) Bug fix: Skipped 'archives' are now NOT logged if the 'Log ignored modules' Ignore option
           is unticked AND archive skipping is enabled.
        b) Started improvement on StrongHelp manual.
        c) Redesigned !ScanMod icon - but if you can do better, please contact me. :-)
        d) Bug fix: Reset display in main window to 0 directories when you start a new scan.
        e) Ignore archives dragged to the main window if the 'Dont scan archives toggle is off'.
 v1.02 (4th Jun 2007)
        a) Added extra line after 'OK' modules in the log.
        b) Re-save the local database after successful completion of a scan, rather than when you
           quit ScanMod.
        c) Bug fix: Corrected error in RISC OS version reading, which could result in RISC OS 4.02
           being read as RISC OS 4.2
        d) Display master version if module found which is later than master database entry.
        e) Added 32-bit status and filename to 'OK' modules in the log.
        f) Improved detection of application name containing unknown modules.
        g) Added Help option to main menu.
        h) Added ability to suppress logging of ignored modules.
        i) Added rudimentary user-defined directories for ignoring options.
        j) Added preliminary auto analysis of log files.
 v1.01 (30th May 2007)
        a) Bug fix: Doesn't bother asking you if module is newer than local database when the module
           has already been updated and is actually in the same directory (otherwise it would
           replace it with itself!)
        b) Bug fix: Correctly redraw (R) in title bar of main window whenever local database is
           going to be reset.
        c) Bug fix: Stop Pause/Continue icon flickering whilst scan is in progress.
 v1.00 (29th May 2007)
        a) Renamed log files to more meaningful filenames! :-)
        b) Added backup of previous log files (<Wimp$Scrap>.ScanMod.previous)
        c) Amended templates slightly to remove some anti-aliased font icons.
        d) Extended warning window from 2 lines to 3 lines of text message.
        e) Bug fix: If no web browser has been seen, error message given in 'notes' window instead
           of issuing an error message, which aborts the scan.
        f) Bug fix: Correctly identify different versions of the same module with different
        g) Initially wipe logs when you start the scan, rather than when you first load ScanMod.
        h) Amended search to use wildcards, default option is exact match.
        i) Added master checksum to search window.
        j) Added option to add 'passed ok' modules to main log file.
        k) Added two more directories to ignore; "Old" and "Temp"
        l) Bug fix: Correctly read ROM titles due to overlooking differences in the RISC OS 5 and
           pre RISC OS 5 memory map.
        m) Updated these instructions a bit.
 v0.09 (25th May 2007) BETA TEST 9
        a) Added checking against ROM modules, status code 12 = Older or the same as module in ROM.
        b) Formatted !Help file to 78 characters for ease of printing to 80 column printers.
        c) Bug fix: Correctly converts case of 'z' (silly typo in calculating ASCII values!) :-)
        d) Bug fix: Correctly cope with corrupted/invalid module names, thus preventing rare
           'string too long' errors when decoding module headers.
 v0.08 (23rd May 2007) BETA TEST 8
        a) Toggled 'Scan archives' to OFF if SparkFS cannot be detected.
        b) Tidied 'titles' in log files.
        c) Improved error handling when reading corrupted archives such as those giving 'Corruption
           in compressed data' errors.
        d) Added more diagnostic information to errorlog.
        e) Added facility to ignore 'cheat modules'.
        f) Added facility to ignore status codes.
        g) Bug fix: Don't case-convert non a-z characters in module names.
        h) Extended maximum allowable buffer space for local database.
 v0.07 (23rd May 2007) BETA TEST 7
        a) Added improved error handling for corrupted archives and unreadable directories.
 v0.06 (21st May 2007) BETA TEST 6
        a) Improved filename detection of modules missing from master database.
        b) Added new 'Options' menu containing 'Aemulor' option, which will ignore non 32-bit
           modules when ticked. This allows for skipping over modules if you have Aemulor installed
           (which can emulate 26-bit operation on 32-bit only machines)
        c) Added warning if the master database is over 30 days old.
 v0.05 (17th May 2007) BETA TEST 5
        a) Bug fix: Allowed suppression of 'Voice Generator' modules as well as other voice modules.
        b) Added website link to 'Info' window.
        c) Fix minor bug in search routine which could result in the wrong path being given for
           local modules. It now matches the local path with the name of the module found in the
           master database.
        d) Bug fix: Correct version no. given in search window.
        e) Added ability to skip Scrap, Recyclone, OldBoot, VirginBoot or Backup directories.
        f) Added ability to drag specific directories to the ScanMod window, to scan just them.
           Click on the filename panel of the main window to reset scan path to the whole hard
        g) Bug fix: Ignore requests to search for a blank/empty string.
 v0.04 (16th May 2007) BETA TEST 4
        a) Bug fix: 'Close' button in search window now works! :-)
        b) Added date of database to main window.
        c) Made log directory only open on finishing scan, not when you abort.
        d) Added 'Pause' function.
        e) Added version details of !ScanMod to log files.
        f) Bug fix: Don't attempt to read module info from very short 'dummy' modules.
        g) Added 'Suppress' option to main menu, initially to suppress voice modules.
 v0.03 (15th May 2007) BETA TEST 3 - First public release
        a) Bug fix: Main window jumps to front when new status report given.
        b) Added extra 'details' line to main 'log' file. (log analyser to come later)
        c) Added simple find facility.
        d) Bug fix: Modules not in master database correctly logged in 'report' log.
        e) Automatically open log directory at the end of a scan.
 v0.02 (14th May 2007) BETA TEST 2
        a) Added 'Quiet' option to menu, to suppress status reports and just scan the entire
           directory hierarchy, logging results.
        b) Added error checking to log files, in case you enable/disable logging whilst a scan is
           already in process.
        c) Added filename of module to logging.
        d) Increased stack space allocation which should prevent deep directories from 'locking up'.
        e) Improved logging by adding a third, report log (see main instructions).
        f) Bug fix: Correctly launch web browser if not already loaded when you click on the website
        g) Added support for interactive help.
        h) Amended some of the messages to indicate when scan is in progress and if the scan has
           finished or was aborted.
 v0.01 (13th May 2007) BETA TEST 1
        a) First release version, pretty much all working and debugged, albeit the first version.

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