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Version:0.04 (22nd Apr 2008)
Requirements:MiscSetup v1.12 or later
RISC OS 3.10 or above
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ToolMaker provides a new approach to customising your RISC OS desktop with replacement toolsprites. Unlike traditional theme managers, which simply swap in different sets of icon sprites, ToolMaker maintains a database of tool sprite definitions, created in a Logo-like script language. Once you've defined all the sprites for a particular set of toolsprites, you can change the colours to your hearts content. ToolMaker will automatically create an entire set of ToolSprites from the sprite definitions and the colour scheme you require.

The benefit of ToolMaker is that it keeps the icon definitions separate to the icon colours, so if you have a set of icons you like, you don't have to spend ages editing every icon in !Paint, in order to change the colour scheme.

See also, WebAnim8r.


Toolmaker utilises the ToolSprite switching capability of my MiscSetup version 1.12 or greater, so requires MiscSetup to be installed. This is available free, from

Preliminary Screenshot

ToolMaker main choicesThe main window, showing some of the current options. Actual layout and design may change by the time it's officially released. It's very much a 'work in progress' at the moment.

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There follows a concise list of changes between each version, in reverse date order so that the latest changes are listed first.
N.B. The latest version may not necessarily be the released version, as current development is also shown here.

 v0.04 (22nd Apr 2008) BETA TEST 3
        a) Bug fix: Correctly read colours when importing 16 colour sprites.
        b) Allowed sprites to be dragged to iconbar as well as main window in order to import.
        c) Bug fix: Correctly convert transparent/masked pixels when importing sprite data.
        d) Further optimised sprite import routine to add lines for repeated similar colours.
        e) Automatically reload colour scheme when creating toolsprites (saves remembering to 
           manually reload colours if you've edited the colour translation table).
        f) Automatically convert 32K and 16M colour sprites into 256 colour palette when
           importing sprites.
 v0.03 (18th Apr 2008) BETA TEST 2
        a) Redesigned templates slightly to make a less cluttered display, and remove colour
           translation icons if using more than 16 colours.
        b) Added open log button (if logging enabled)
 v0.02 (17th Apr 2008) BETA TEST 1
        a) Added support for transparencies ('x' command)
        b) Added support for dotted lines ('dt' command)
        c) Added support for outline ellipses ('e' command) and filled ellipses ('ef' command)
        d) Added support for triangles ('t' command)
        e) Optimised sprite import routine to only detect colour changes, rather than colour of
           every pixel.
        f) Bug fix: Correct conversion error in colour translations.
        g) Added additional set of tool sprite definitions, based on Dacha's design.
 v0.01 (16th Apr 2008) ALPHA TEST 1
        a) First release version, proof of concept only!

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