The Illustrated Works of Shakespeare

Shakespeare [98K]
Downloaded:399 times
Version:1.17b (8th Oct 2007)
Requirements:RISC OS 3.1 or above
Long filenames
1200K wimpslot

The Illustrated Works of Shakespeare The Complete Works of Shakespeare on CD rom. This application was originally written by myself for Cumana to bundle with A5000 computers to schools. A number of people still find it useful, even on much more modern systems, so I updated it to work with newer font managers and RISC OS 4/5, including Select.

Text and Picture data

For those of you who don't have the original CD Rom (which I believe is no longer available, even from thee who hath it in stock), you can download the full data for Shakespeare, complete with illustrations. This is 16MB long as a ZIP file and extracts to approx 25MB.

Download: [16M], downloaded 402 times.

To install, create a directory on your hard drive called data and extract ALL the files from within the archive into this new directory. Then edit the !Shakes.Config file and look for the line starting datapath=
Amend the filepath on this line to point to the full filepath of wherever you just installed the data directory. Save the file and you should now be able to run !Shakes without requiring the original CD Rom. (see screenshot on Bible page for an installation example)

Main features


Main screen
- Showing the main display window.

More Multi-Media

If you find !Shakes useful, you may be interested in The Illustrated Holy Bible or Sherlock Holmes, which are also available as RISC OS multi-media applications.


There follows a concise list of changes between each version, in reverse date order so that the latest changes are listed first.
N.B. The latest version may not necessarily be the released version, as current development is also shown here.

 v1.17b (8th Oct 2007
       a) Fixed search routine.
 v1.16 (6th Oct 2007)
       a) Made 32-bit and tested on Iyonix
 v1.15 (20th Oct 1999)
       a) Fix for expanded font lists and tested on RISC OS 4
       a) Loves Labours Lost bug fixed with RO 2 and 3.
       a) 's' variables tidied up. wimpslot changed to 1024K.
       b) fixed dramtis personae formatting problem
       c) speeded search up by removing index loading
       a) 1st occurance is gone to on search.
       b) escape now works on backwards search.
       a) seachavailable% changed to sa%
       b) error checking if picture file is too long.
       a) Removed menu bug (introduced in V1.08)
       a) Removed erratic hourglass
       a) fixed eratic text after search.
       a) text centring bug fixed.
       a) Bookmark 'goto' bugs fixed.

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