CRC [17K]
Downloaded:381 times
Version:1.03 (10th May 2007)
Requirements:RISC OS 3.10 or above
128K wimpslot
Source code (in BASIC and ARM code) is also provided.


CRC is a simple application which will perform a 32 bit checksum on any file dropped on its icon. It can be useful for comparing two files to see if they are identical.

Users of !CRC may also be interested in !ScanMod, a comprehensive module scanner and integrity database for RISC OS computers.

I also maintain a comprehensive database of RISC OS modules and version numbers, available online at

Those interested in privacy and fighting to keep it, may be interested in my other crypto software or in visiting Dr Nat Queen's excellent Acorn crypto pages.

What's New in this Version

Bug fix in CRC calculation routine, so should now work correctly. :-)




 v1.03 (10th May 2007)
        a) Changed poll loop to use Wimp_PollIdle for less CPU usage when not in use.
        b) Padded checksums with leading 0's to ensure all results are 8 digits long.
 v1.02 (9th May 2007)
        a) Bug fix: Corrected floating point error to give correct checksum results.
        b) Moved polynomial crc table into a stand-alone file.
        c) Compiled !RunImage (to test if compiled version changes the results due to
           variable/maths differences). No difference found! :-)
        d) Tested on A9Home.
 v1.01 (11th Feb 2006)
        a) Checked for Iyonix compatibility.
        b) Tidied templates file a bit.
        c) Centred main window about the iconbar icon.
        d) Clicking SELECT on iconbar icon opens/closes window.
 v1.00 (1990)
        a) First version.

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