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There follows a concise list of changes between each version of Webworkz, in reverse date order so that the latest changes are listed first.
N.B. The latest version may not necessarily be the released version, as current development is also shown here.

 v1.03 (29th Jun 2008)
        a) New feature: Ignore column widths.
        b) Redesign: Changed layout of icons in main window.
        c) New feature: Open links in a new window.
        d) Bug fix: Correctly identify ; (semi-colon) characters in the text rather than a field
        e) Added additional meta tags in HTML produced.
        f) Added preliminary support for conversion of special characters.
        g) Added webpage and version checker links to info window.
 v1.02 (24th Oct 2006)
        a) Bug fix: Round time (in seconds) to 2 decimal places, to 
           prevent recursive numbers messing up display.
        b) Added support for URL links.
        c) Added preliminary support for decimal places.
        d) Bug fix: Corrected size of table display.
        e) Change: Prefixed style names with 'wkz_' to identify Webworkz
        f) Improved support for coloured cell backgrounds.
        g) Optimised parsing to improve speed slightly.
 v1.01 (6th Sep 2006)
        a) Removed error message if no 'R' data is detected in file.
           Table is now rendered without effects.
        b) Improved timing of process to give a more accurate time at 
           the end.
        c) Improved conversion of 'letter' format files to cater for
           multiple font effects on one line.
        d) Added 'Base Style' detection and informational display, to
           indicate the type of document being processed.
        e) Added dependency checking for ABClib into !Run file.
        f) Added 'already loaded' checking, to prevent multiple copies
           of Webworkz from running.
        g) Redesigned main window to output files into a directory,
           which will not only keep everything together, but also allow
           for future features, such as adding graphics.
        h) Extended line buffer from 255 characters to 8192 characters.
        i) Added facility to substitute graphics for embedded codes.
        j) Added !Help icon to main window.

 v1.00 (4th Sep 2006)
         a) First release version, pretty much all working and debugged,
            albeit the first version.

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