Disc Commander (History)

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There follows a concise list of changes between each version of Disc Commander, in reverse date order so that the latest changes are listed first.
N.B. The latest version may not necessarily be the released version, as current development is also shown here.

 2.56 (6th May 2008)
          a) Bug fix: Prevent 'Number too big' errors from occurring when running a Disc Service
             (registered version only)
 2.55 (22nd Apr 2008)
          a) Bug fix: Updated filesystem detection in order to load correctly on the A9 Home.
 2.54 (12th Apr 2008)
          a) Added PNG to searchable filetypes.
          b) Removed null polls from main WIMP polling routine.
          c) Added email and web site links to 'Info' window.
          d) Added Choices option to disc editor menu (as well as iconbar menu)
          e) Added multi-tasking option to disc search (selectable from choices window)
          f) Amended choices file to be human readable.

 2.53 (27th Mar 2008)
          a) Bug fix: Entering 64-bit addresses in address box doesn't cause 'Bad hex' error.
          b) Added support for DataPower,EPS,Maestro,PDF and ProCAD file searching.
          c) Tidied navigation window a bit.
          d) Added automatic guessing at correct filetype setting when you save a marked section
             of recovered data.
          e) Store data window position so that if closed and re-opened it opens in the previous
 2.52 (23rd Mar 2008)
          a) Added 'Tab' key support to moving around icons.
          b) Moved 'address' labels in main data window to allow for longer disc addresses.
          c) Made default window size a full sector (up to 512 bytes)
          d) Implemented 'home written' decimal to hexadecimal converter to cope with 64-bit
          e) Added 'Jump to' grabbed sector menu option.
          f) Tidied up code to remove redundant windows.
          g) Removed dependency on !ABC and switched to Squashed BASIC, using StrongBS
          h) Removed registration code so that un-registered copies are fully-functional.
          i) Fixed bugs in RamFS and SCSI reading routines.
          j) Disc Commander now requires BASIC64 for increased accuracy in 64-bit calculations.
 2.51 (19th Mar 2008)
          a) Improved handling of long disc addresses, for large disc sizes.
          b) Extended address space to 12 digits.
          c) Amended registration code slightly.
          d) Fixed occasional lockup on the Iyonix when opening main disc editor window.
 2.50 (5th Dec 2002)
          a) Re-compiled for 32-bit compatibility.
          b) Bug fix: Calculating size of large disc drives.
          c) Added SHIFT/CTRL multipliers to track/sector navigation to help speed up navigation
             around large drives.
          d) Tested on Iyonix.
 2.03 (29th Mar 2001)
          a) Fixed bug in preset filetype search routine, in addition to adding more preset
             filetypes (including ArtWorks, Basic, OvationPro, Zip plus others)

 2.02 (4th Mar 2001)
          a) Removed 'Find file' option from main menu. This is now included in RISC OS itself.

 2.01 (4th Feb 2001)
          a) Re-implemented byte search in disc editor.
          b) Improved support for drives > 4GB by checking 64bit disc sizes.
          c) Improved auto detection for new filecore formats.
          a) Took 'Backup', 'Filter', 'FindText' and 'SetType' out of main application and made 
             into plugins, selectable from the Utilities menu.

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