CronTool [106K]
Downloaded:237 times
Version:0.08 (2nd Nov 2007)
Requirements:RISC OS 3.50 or above
128K wimpslot

CronTool is a powerful utility for 'controlling' your machine when you're not there.

Based on a series of files, which can run at regular times, such as daily, weekly, monthly and yearly, as well as a custom file, you can use a flexible script language to execute commands, create zip archives and even send emails - all performed automatically at various times of day.

CronTool also implements a Linux style crontab file so that you can tailor the exact time each script is run. CronTool is ideal for monitoring your system or for running automated tasks in the background or when you're away from your machine.

By using the remote ping commands you can even monitor the status of remote servers, and alert yourself if any fail to respond.

Unregistered versions are fully functional except for only running for 15 minutes in one session.

Includes a comprehensive web format manual.


  · RISC OS Cronby Chris Williams
This runs in the background and every minute it checks to see if a task has been scheduled to execute at the current time. Commands can be run periodically, such as twice a month, once an hour, every minute, and so on. Written from scratch.

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There follows a concise list of changes between each version of CronTool, in reverse date order so that the latest changes are listed first.
N.B. The latest version may not necessarily be the released version, as current development is also shown here.

 v0.08 (2nd Nov 2007)
        a) Bug fix: Amended quit code so that applications quit cleanly without leaving files
        b) Added "prequitapp" command, to send a wimp 'pre-quit' message to specific
        c) Added new misc timer function - run bath, with a 9 minute delay.
        d) Bug fix: Corrected format of auto-email generation for the Ant Suite.
 v0.07 (13th Sep 2006)
        a) Amended logging to use SysLog if available, otherwise falling back to Wimp$Scrap.
        b) Edited !Run file slightly to improve ABCLib detection.
 v0.06 (26th Jun 2006)
        a) Fixed a few spelling mistakes and discrepancies in the manual.
        b) Amended 'every' and 'after' code so that simultaneous events don't clash with
           each other.
        c) Improved logging of FTP events.
        d) Added support for ---- to represent immediate events (as well as -1-1)
        e) Added Tools->Log->Show to menu, to open logfile.
        f) Added new Tools->Show sub-menu.
        g) Added FAQ section to manual.
        h) Added 'Memo' facility.
        i) Added 'Tea' easter egg. ;-)
        j) Adjusted wimp_poll timing slightly.
        k) Added 'screensave' and 'nextslot' commands.
 v0.05 (23rd Jun 2006)
	First version - should be all working ok.

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