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Every so often I check through my server logs to see what people have been searching for on
I cover quite a number of varied topics on my website, but I still continue to be amused at some of the things people search for. I may have varied interests, but some search requests leave me puzzling "What on earth were they thinking of there?"

I generally use failed search requests as possible ideas to improve my website and add new content. However, some are so odd, I thought I'd just list them here (which of course will catch the search engine if people subsequently search for the same thing. If you're one of the people who searched for anything listed on this page, please feel free to contact me with more information as to what you were looking for, and if it sounds interesting I'll see if I can pen an article on the said topic. Please don't feel offended if I decline though.

Recent items searched for on

adultjokesPossibly looking for my sick jokes page?
cruiseCaribbean cruises, or Tom Cruise?
enduranceLooking for a test of physical endurance, or the voyage of Sir Earnest Shackleton to the Antartic in 1914-1916 on board The Endurance.
prawnDunno about this one. Perhaps someone looking for a collective noun - which I've yet to discover, unless you call it a 'salad' of prawns! :)
quizzesYo! What kind of quizzes do you want?
speedometerWas someone looking for my dislike of speed cameras, a collective noun, something else?
thesaurusWords and linguistic lexicography is an interest of mine, so if you have any suggestions or ideas for new sections, please contact me. In the meantime, you may be interested in my collection of Collective Nouns

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