Registered URLs and URL Compatible Applications

Registered URLs,0,000000M

Uniform Resource Locators (URL) describe resources available via the Internet. Full details are given in RFC 1738.

RFC 1738 describes the basic, standard URL schemes, and then various draft RFC are used to extend the list of standard schemes. Please don't invent new schemes - they won't work with other programs under RISCOS, and they won't work on other platforms.

Scheme Description
ftp:// File Transfer Protocol
file: Local filing system
http:// World Wide Web
gopher:// Gopher system
mailto: Electronic mail
news: Usenet newsgroup or article
nntp:// Usenet newsgroup
telnet:// Telnet login to a terminal (eg, VT220)
wais:// Wide Area Information Service
https:// Secure HTTP (SSL)
rlogin:// Remote login to a terminal
tn3270:// Remote login to a TN3270 terminal
finger:// Finger for details of a remote user

URL Compatible Applications

Below is a list of all known applications that fully support the URL broadcast mechanism. Please let me know of any new software that supports URL launching by contacting me.

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