NetReader [227K]
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Version:1.16 (19th Sep 1999)
Requirements:RISC OS 2 or above
128K wimpslot

NetReader is a multi-purpose offline email reader. Although specifically designed for use with the CIX internet & email service, NetReader is also fully compatible with the Ant Internet Suite, being a direct replacement for Marcel as email reader (no news yet though!). NetReader has a simple built-in text editor to compose replies and compose new messages. This makes it easier to use for new or novice users.

NetReader has a number of features which are unique amongst Acorn email readers, such as:-

  • Support for mailing lists, allowing a custom header and footer to be added to each message.
  • A high level of security for multi-user access, ideal for School & college network use.
  • Timed access so that network managers can disable/enable email failities during the week.
  • Forced replies to certain email addresses for certain users. This makes it easy to setup open-access reporting facilities for networks, such as bullying or drug abuse helplines.
  • The ability to 'explode' an inbox into multiple text files; with each message extracted to it's own text file.
  • Automatic statistics so that network managers can monitor system and email usage.
  • Semi-automatic management of mailing lists allowing you to subscribe and unsubscribe users, automatically sending them relevant text messages welcoming or saying good-bye.
  • Automatic censoring of message contents if required. (useful for pupil use)
  • Individual configuration settings for each user.

I do have a 32-bit version of NetReader but there has been no demand for NetReader for several years, so I've only really done it for personal use.

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