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Higher Ground's debut album Torr Stories was met with much acclaim and excellent critical review.
Based upon the myths and legends of King Arthur and his Knights, Torr Stories encapsulates a feeling of magic and emotion through powerful guitar playing, dynamic rhythm and emotional song writing.

Torr Stories contains 11 tracks, each inspiring the imagination of a past shrouded in passion, honour and gallantry.

  1. Out of the Woods
  2. This Love
  3. Fade Away
  4. Tearing Down the Walls
  5. Wasted Time
  6. All the Kings Men
  7. Over the Moon to the Sea
  8. Worlds Apart
  9. Lady Dance
  10. Amberley
  11. Torr Stories

Torr Stories is available on CD. Some sample tracks are available to download as MP3s from the demos page.

Higher Ground and Uno's individual tracks or full CDs can be purchased from Confidential Records, UK.

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