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Higher Ground's first open air gig in their home town of Portsmouth proved to be a huge success, as shoppers and the local media gathered to applaud the band playing in the centre of the, now derelict, Tricorn Centre.

Passers-by interviewed all gave positive feedback and the shape of the Tricorn actually provided very good accoustics.


The Tricorn Centre, Portsmouth
May 8th 1999

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Tricorn 1
The band sets up the equipment
prior to the gig!
Tricorn 2
A crowd begins to form as Torr Stories
resonates through the shopping centre.

Tricorn 3

Tricorn 4

Tricorn 5

Tricorn 6
Tricorn 7 Tricorn 8

Tricorn 9

Tricorn 10

Tricorn 11

Tricorn 12

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