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The PV Software list is intended for the discussion of Paul Vigay's RISC OS software, its development and any RISC OS related matters.

It's open to all users of Paul's software, and any ideas, suggestions or constructive criticism is welcome. Paul is a member of the list, so is able to offer comments and advice to subscribers.

New members may like to post a short, introductory email to the list in order to introduce themselves and say "Hi", although this is entirely up to you.

To post messages to the list, simply send them to pvsoftware (at) and they will be automatically forwarded to all the members of the list.

I hope you find the list useful. Please feel free to offer feedback and comment and that way I can improve or adapt the format to suit YOU the subscribers.

For more information on Paul's RISC OS software, please visit

To remove yourself from the list, please send a blank email to pvsoftware (at) with the subject line

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