Introduction to RISC OS - Lesson 2
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As described in lesson 1 the left hand side of the icon bar contains numerous icons which indicate which storage devices are attached to your computer and available to use. Primarily your hard disc and floppy disc icons will appear here.

The actual drives listed will vary depending upon what actual disc drives you have installed inside your computer. If you've got extra hard drives fitted, you may get two (or more) hard disc icons. You generally only have one floppy drive icon and one RAM disc icon, if present (see later). There is also a handy 'Apps' icon and optionally, a CD drive icon if you have one fitted.

All the icons which appear on the left-hand side of the icon bar generally refer to storage devices of some kind or other and are known as filer icons. These are distinct from those displayed on the right-hand side of the iconbar, which are generally applications themselves - ie. software applications you're currently running on the computer.

Navigating files stored on your disc drives

If you click once on one of the filer icons using the SELECT (left) mouse button (this is the most commonly used button and is often referred to as the 'doing' button in order to do something) the computer will examine the disc drive you've clicked on, and if the drive is readable will show you a list of the available files stored in the root directory.

The root directory is the top-most area of your disc drive, whether it's the hard disc or a floppy disc. I generally advise organising your disc into a hierarchy of sub-directories, containing your applications, data, work and other files. This way, the root directory is kept from becoming too cluttered, and you can easily locate the files you want.

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