What is RISC OS? - Lesson 3
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In order for RISC OS to have a viable future we must ensure that a growing user base is maintained. In order to do this we not only need to attract new users to RISC OS, but also to ensure that popular applications continue to be developed. This was one of the driving motives behind launching this Academy scheme - so that people can find out more about RISC OS and learn to write their own applications.

By teaching people to use RISC OS and to write programs in BBC BASIC, which is built into every RISC OS computer, I hope to encourage people to not only learn how to fully utilise their RISC OS machines, but perhaps even inspire people to rescue older machines from schools and colleges who are downgrading to Windows machines. Any machines, such rescued, make ideal tools with which to learn to program on, and as such enable Academy members to learn programming very cheaply and easier, for once you have the machine, there is nothing else you need in order to start programming right away - such is the beauty of RISC OS being built into ROM inside the machine.

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