What is RISC OS? - Lesson 2
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RISC OS was developed by Acorn Computers of Cambridge, England and officially launched in its first incarnation in 1991. This first version was actually called RISC OS 2, because the forerunner was originally called ARTHUR. Arthur was released in 1987 and supplied in Acorns first range of ARM powered computer workstations; The A300 range, shortly followed by the A400 range, which had more memory, a slightly faster memory controller chip and a hard disc fitted.

As such it was years ahead of the competition, such as Windows 3.1 - Windows 95 was to take another five years to come out, and try to copy a number of pioneering RISC OS features. The classic 'icon bar' at the bottom of the screen, still used in Windows and now copied in Mac OS X was first seen in RISC OS back in 1987.

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