Iyonix Lazy Task Swapping tests

In an attempt to track down miscellenaous crashes on the Iyonix and trace the rogue application, I've setup this quick reference page for people to correlate results and see if there is a common thread.

Although publicly available, this page is not linked from any other pages on my website so won't be indexed anywhere. You need to bookmark it specifically to return.

If you have any further information which you think might be useful, please feel free to contact me.

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Common applications

PVApplications loaded on Boot
Apps: NeXTBar, MoreDesk, Organizer, Pluto, POPstar, Newshound, Pluto, ROTunes, CronTool, Iyonix Update Watcher, CallerID, News Ticker, MoonTool, LockDir
Modules: !!DeepKeys, IClear, MoveWindow, QFiler, USB2, USBHID
Applications loaded at time of screen corruption
waiting for problem to reoccur.

Sample corruptions

  · (37KB) - Paint snapshot of corruption after using OvatioPro and Variations intensively for about five minutes. Looks like OvationPro workspace or something, if you examine in !Zap.

  · (170KB) - Location of corrupted area in OvationPro's application space (grabbed by !Zap) - 1600x1200 screenshot (window on left is corrupted area of screen grabbed from pinboard and window on right is OvationPro grabbed from memory using !Zap's Create->Read memory... option.

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