Version:0.02 (26th Jun 2006)
Requirements:RISC OS 3.10 or above
128K wimpslot

Note: Although development of this application has been delayed considerably, I'm gradually clearing my backlog of other little programming projects (see my software page), so I hope to come back and start development on this application during the early part of 2009.

(saw-t) adj. The art of one upmanship.
(think of saws and a tool which is not quite as good, then think of the letter T)


The philosophy behind Sorte was quite simple; to create a database tool which would be flexible enough to cope with a varied selection of needs from Family Tree databases to data listings, subscription databases, label printing and shareware software management.

I had originally planned to write a comprehensive genealogical database application (as a successor to Ancestry by Minerva), and a second database application to replace the aging Genesis by Oak Solutions. I also have a number of miscellaneous database tasks that I do via Pipedream and other applications - such as my shareware registering etc.

Shareware registering is quite a custom affair as I generate unique serial numbers for each user, add their email address (if given) into a database, then email them a message giving their password details etc. One aim of Sorte is to automate this process - thus I want the ability to run scripts/external programs, returning values to the main database (ie. a registration code), then insert this into a predefined email template before finally generating an email and inserting it into the outgoing email queue.

Due to time constraints (I'm a 'one man band' rather than a company employing fulltime programmers) I thought it was rather ambitious to attempt to write both applications within a reasonable time scale. Thus, I've decided to combine all my ideas into one 'magnum opus' application.

However, rather than be a jack-of-all-trades, my application will have to meet my demanding personal criteria - thus initial planning and design are important.

I also want it to be able to perform other features such as generating a web site from a database. Whilst it's not intended to be a site creator application, I'm hoping it will be able to automate the creation of web sites based upon a database - such as catalogue information or family tree data.

This too has to be flexible - ie. users will be able to freely specify background colours/images and the overall 'look and style' of the site.

I also want it to be able to double as a multi-media resource for schools and colleges (a bit like Genesis was) so that people can run little slide shows and interactive demonstrations. If it's good enough, my aim is to encourage the regrowth of RISC OS as an efficient, reliable and easy to use system for schools.

It would be nice to be able to read Microsoft Access files - but I'm not promising anything!

Design Structure

I want the whole system to be as flexible as possible, so I'm designing it from a modular approach. Not only will this be less resource hungry, but it will also make it more reliable and easier to add features to in the future.

Initially a new database will be created by selection from a pre-defined list of 'templates' (of course, advanced users will be able to create their own). This will open a blank window into which the user can create 'data objects' (in the same way you create objects in !Draw). Each object can have a particular action assigned to it, ranging from being a simple label to another field to being a clickable icon, pull down menu, on/off tick box, graphics object or person data (for genealogical data entry).

Further to this, each action can be defined ranging from simple data entry to launching a URL, playing a sound sample, closing a window, opening another object or joining another object.

Preliminary Features


To be announced....

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