ROTunes [195K]
Downloaded:617 times :-)
Version:0.15 (26th Sep 2007)
Requirements:RISC OS 4 or above
2600K wimpslot


ROTunes is an MP3 player and management application loosely inspired by Apple's iTunes. The current version is only a beta-test, so I would appreciate any feedback. Please read the !Help file within the application before use, as that will explain known bugs and limitations.

What's New in this Version

v0.15 improves wimp polling for better efficiency, includes improved documentation and adds code to restore system beeps on quitting ROTunes.

To Do

In no particular order....

  • Extend smart playlist support to allow choosing specific artists or albums.
  • Add support for adding, deleting and moving tracks around within playlists.
  • Add support for audio CDs
  • Playlist/library merging/editing etc.
  • Add support for STDMMK (
  • Find out why the system beep is corrupted on quitting ROTunes.
  • Make default window sizes smaller, to cater for lower resolution screen modes.

Current Limitations

At the present time I have no plans to add the following:



Extra 'Skins'

iTunes 5




There follows a concise list of changes between each version, in reverse date order so that the latest changes are listed first.
N.B. The latest version may not necessarily be the released version, as current development is also shown here.

 v0.16 (28th Sep 2007)
        a) Bug fix: Fix minor redraw bug whereby the 'track position' bar in the top toolbars
           slightly bled above the icon.
        b) Bug fix: Fix colour conversion so that the icons appear in the correct colour in 256
           colour screen modes.
 v0.15 (26th Sep 2007)
        a) Slight amendment to wimp polling for more efficient running.
        b) More detailed instructions provided, to cater for automatic OR
           manual installation.
        c) Added code to restore system beep on quitting ROTunes.
 v0.14 (10th Apr 2006)
        a) Implemented smart playlists (first version, so please report
           any bugs or issues)
        b) Added debug mode (set in choices and appears in top toolbar)
        c) Made title icon slightly wider in top toolbar, along with time bar.
 v0.13 (17th Mar 2006)
        a) Added optional clock to bottom toolbar.
        b) Added 'alarm clock' (click SELECT on clock icon).
 v0.12a (15th Mar 2006)
        a) Bug fix: Silly typo which resulted in 'unknown variable'
           error when loading a fresh install.
        b) Amended templates so that only characters a-z, A-Z or 0-0
           are allowed for playlist names.
 v0.12 (14th Mar 2006)
        a) Extended flexibility in theme manager, and included
           'Matrix' theme to demonstrate new options.
        b) Extended size of toolbar icons to cater for larger
           desktop font sizes.
        c) Made default library column wider (22 characters)
        d) Bug fix: Redraw code in library colums didn't redraw
           correctly if you had more than about 8 playlists.
        e) Correctly zero 'tunedata' file when library is rescanned.
        f) Implemented playlist renaming.
        g) Preliminary support for 'smart' playlists added (although
        h) Fixed miscellaneous redraw bugs.
        i) Added improved display when ID3 is enabled for the main
        j) Enabled ID3 data to be used for mini window if 'Use ID3
           data for display' is enabled.
 v0.11 (11th Mar 2006)
        a) Adjusted code so that volume window closes automatically
           when you move the mouse out of the window.
        b) Added 'High', 'Med' and 'Low' preset volume controls.
        c) Completely re-wrote main redraw code, providing better
           redraw for toolbars and library pane.
        d) Made the maximum number of tracks user configurable
           (default = 20000).
        e) Moved speaker icon to left of track number rather than
           track name, so that it's a fixed position.
        f) Prevent column dragging less than 160 (to always allow
           space for track numbers).
        g) Bug fix: When turning off 'Strip numbers in Track' the
           title icon in the large window and the mini window still
           stripped the leading number.
        h) Added new utility - Rescan ID3 data to automatically
           populate the track length and genre fields.
           (Click 'Abort ID3 scan' to stop it).
        i) Re-enabled Rescan Library utility.
        j) Added 'Masterlib' value to master choices file (to
           restore the master filepath after switching playlists)
        k) Fixed numerous playlist related bugs.
        l) Bug fix: Sorted background colours in theme definition.
 v0.10 (12th Feb 2006)
        a) Changed redraw code to shade in the position bar in
           the top toolbar. Colour is defined in the theme
           'colours' file.
        b) Added external character mappings file to translate
           characters in filenames.
           See !ROTunes.resources.characters
        c) Added new choice of suppressing leading numbers in
           track names.
        d) Bug fix: Skipping next/previous track didn't update
           the genre information if you had shuffle mode turned
        e) Added interactive help messages for all the new features
           since v0.07.
        f) Added option to use ID3 data for main window (although
           this will slow redraw down because it has to read it
           from each file!)
        g) Added 'Help...' option to main menu.
        h) Bug fix: Correctly close last MP3 file if ROTunes is 
           quit whilst paused.
        i) Disabled 'Rescan library' due to a rather serious bug
           being discovered.
 v0.09 (6th Feb 2006)
        a) Initialised font reference array to zero before calling
           Wimp_LoadTemplate - which should hopefully eliminate
           occasional 'Unable to bind font handle' errors on
        b) Added 'ID3 tag ok' status to show when ID3 data has 
           been correctly read from AMPlayer - to prove a recent
           suspected bug was actually iTunes getting it wrong and
           not ROTunes. :-)
        c) Adjusted filename filter routine so that leading
           numbers are only stripped from track names and not
           album or group names.
        d) Fixed redraw bug for updating iconbar icon when you
           change theme.
 v0.08 (5th Feb 2006)
        a) Removed max x and y for mini window from choices - as
           it's better if they're calculated automatically.
        b) Fixed bug in toolsprite calculation, so that the
           vertical scroll bar should be the correct width.
        c) Added support for 'track time' column.
        d) Added support for 'Last Played' column.
        e) Added track info window (menu option).
        f) Added partial support for 'My Rating' and 'Genre'.
        g) Added additional ID3 support, including ID3v2
        h) Increased wimpslot to 2400K.
        i) Added error notification panel to bottom toolbar.
        j) Rewrote documentation in HTML (web) format.
        k) Renamed 'gfx' directory to 'themes' and eliminated
           the need for a 'themes' index, as the list of themes
           is now generated automatically.
        l) Re-designed Choices window a bit.
        m) Fixed minor bug in search routine which found matches
           spanning title and album or artist and track etc.
        n) Added 'total playing time' display to bottom toolbar.
 v0.07 (10th Sep 2005)
        a) Added 'Web site' button to info window.
        b) Moved sprite memory initialisation routine from skin
           manager to main init routine.
        c) Bug fix: When caller ID detects you hanging the phone
           up, !ROTunes switches back to the previous volume level
           and not volume level 1 - so it doesn't suddenly go loud
           if you've already lowered the volume.
        d) Bug fix: Adjust click on the speaker icon in the mini
           controller window acts consistently with the action in
           the large controller window.
        e) Moved Messages and Templates files into a resources
        f) Added saving of shuffled order of data, so that the
           next time you load ROTunes it keeps the previous order
           of the shuffled data. Also speeds up loading as it no
           longer has to shuffle the data each time you load it.
        g) Extended main database from 10,000 tracks to 20,000
        h) Added preliminary support for RComp's !MyMusic folder.
        i) Added some extra 'Utility' functions, mainly for de-
           bugging purposes, but decided to leave them in.
        j) Added visual indication of volume %age level.
        k) Added 'auto save' option.
        l) Added filtering to convert odd characters in display
           names (ie. display / as .)
        m) Added facility to change the 'library' window colour
           in the skin manager (to go with iTunes5 skin) :-)
        n) Amended colour conversion routine to not use the EVAL
 v0.06 (9th Apr 2005)
        a) Added mini control window.
        b) Made playlist generation and loading multi-tasking.
        c) Made choices window slightly bigger to allow for a
           larger desktop font size.
        d) Added support for Acorn's interactive help.
        e) Annotated choices file.
        f) Bug fix: Switching between volume levels whilst paused
           now works.
 v0.05 (1st Apr 2005)
        a) Tidied toolbar a bit, making it slightly wider.
        b) Improved redraw code so that the position pointer
           shouldn't flicker so much on slower machines.
        c) Amended choices window to left justify options, and
           make window a bit smaller.
        d) Removed :'s from templates.
        e) Updated choices window to cater for future expansion.
        f) Added 'Respect volume' choice.
        g) Added facility to change widths of columns.
           This feature also allows you to move them around.
        h) Added new menu option - Utilities.
        i) Added 'Stop on Quit' choice.
        j) Added 'Open playlist on load' choice.
        k) Made positional pointer a straight line instead of a 
           diamond. Corrected slight error in positioning.
        m) Bug fix: Invisible iconbar icon on some versions of
           RISC OS.
        n) Added 'mute' icon for current track indicator when in
           paused mode.
        o) Correctly fixed toolsprites width detection for people
           who have installed different sized window tool icons
           (but left setting in choices just in case people want
           to manually change it anyway)

 v0.04 (28th Mar 2005)
        a) Allow reading of trackname from AMPlayer module, even
           if ROTunes is not actually playing it itself.
        b) Added preliminary support for reading ID3v1 tags.
        c) Added choices option to control ID3v1 support.
        d) Added support for Octopus CallerID to switch volume
           levels when the phone rings.
           Thanks to Jeremy Brayshaw for suggesting this feature.
        e) Added VU bars to the icon bar if you want such gimmicks
        f) Amended code for positioning within track a bit better.
        g) Removed code to remove caret after doing a search, as
           this improves multiple searches.
 v0.03 (24th Mar 2005)
        a) Bug fix: Amended filtering of filenames to avoid
           removing numbers from the beginning of songs which
           actually have numbers at the start of them (eg. ELO's
           "21st Century Man")
        b) Added fast re-position within track by clicking on
           the little position bar in the toolbar to jump to
           specific positions within the current track.
        c) Added SELECT on iconbar toggle open/close main window.
        d) Added ADJUST on iconbar toggle volume settings.
        e) Rearranged top toolbar slightly to put volume controls
           on left side.
        f) Added drag and drop adding of files to playlists.
        g) Added additional choice ('toolsprites') to cater for
           narrow toolsprites when redrawing the main window. This
           should prevent the main window extending beyond the 
           width of the outer window.
 v0.02 (16th Mar 2005)
        a) Bug fix: Lock up on initial loading and starting to 
           play tune. This was due to a validation check in the
           redraw routine causing an infinite loop on certain
           combinations of directory structure whilst it was
           parsing the track name.
        b) Added smash hourglass function to error handing, so
           the hourglass is correctly turned off if an error
           occurs whilst it's on.

 v0.01 (15th Mar 2005)
        - Beta release
 v0.01 (5th Mar 2005)
        - Started coding!

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