Nightmare Park

Nightmare [20K]
Downloaded:571 times :-)
Version:circa 1983
Requirements:RISC OS 2 or above
128K wimpslot


One of the oldest retro games around, originally dating from the 1970s!

This is a version of my original BBC B game (itself a conversion of the earlier Commodore PET game), which I've tweaked just enough so that it runs on a RISC OS machine. A few minor sound enhancements were made (due to differences between the Archimedes and BBC B sound system), but other than that, this is the 'raw original' - which shows you how far games have come since the early 80's!

Do battle with stampeding unicorns, egotistical gorillas, multiplying lurgi, the hail of barbs, death rays and a variety of other obstacles in order to reach the exit to the maze. Your mathematical skills and reflexes will be tested to the limit with state-of-the-art(!) teletext graphics.

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