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Lottery is possibly the most feature packed Lottery number guessing and analysing application available for RISC OS machines. The list of features includes, frequency charts, scatter graphs, block guesses, a full range of statistics, the ability to print out predictions onto the official payslips using standard Acorn printer drivers, automatic win checking, plus much more.

The main archive contains all UK draw results up to Sat, 1st November 2008 but you can download the latest set of results from the links below.

Statistical Findings

I used to use this application to run a lottery syndicate at work, buying 50 lines of tickets each week, using numbers calculated by !Lottery. During a two year period I analysed the predicted results compared with our actual winnings. I discovered to my surprise that !Lottery had doubled our changes of winning, or in other words had halved the odds of winning a prize.
The odds of winning at least a £10 prize are approximately 54 to 1. !Lottery's predictions were consistently winning at odds of approximately 22 to 1 - so although we didn't win any major prizes, hopefully the odds of doing so are reduced somewhat.

Latest Results

You can download the latest set of results from the National Lottery website at which you can simply drag into !Lottery's main window in order to import.

You can also download a copy from my server, containing all results up to and including Sat 1st November 2008. To update, simply extract from the archive and drop over the top of your existing !Lottery application.


Main Window
Showing statistics


There follows a concise list of changes between each version, in reverse date order so that the latest changes are listed first.
N.B. The latest version may not necessarily be the released version, as current development is also shown here.

 v2.09 (2nd Nov 2008)
       a) Amended block guess to output the current best block to the file !
          which saves you having to stop the calculation in order to see what the best block so
          far is.
 v2.08 (6th Sep 2008)
       a) Amended block guess algorithm again, to remove previous 6 wins as it's unlikely to
          affect future wins.
       b) Amended window template for block guess window, to make icons wider.
 v2.07 (24th Aug 2008)
       a) Amended block guess to use a 'Stop' button instead of detecting the escape key (which
          could inadvertently be pressed whilst using another application).
       b) Altered logic in block guess algorithm to count 4, 5 or 6 matches in previous wins to
          count as more than a single win.
       c) Added additional 'online' buttons to 'Info' window.
       d) Removed software protection checking of Templates file.
       e) Speeded up 'Block guess calculation' (by removing number of entries update from loop)
 v2.06 (3rd Nov 2006)
       a) Bug fix: Correctly output file identifier in guesses files, so that it re-imports to
          check results correctly.
       b) Added import utility, to allow importing of results data in CSV format.
 v2.05 (7th Feb 2006)
       a) Made the block guess facility multi-task, so that you can leave it calculating without
          locking the machine up.
       b) Amended block guess to display the best set of numbers so far.
 v2.04 (30th Oct 2002)
       a) Re-compiled using 32-bit compiler.
       b) Bug fix: Correctly recreate 'Guesses' file when first run, if the previous file was
       c) Prevented loading multiple copies of !Lottery.

 v2.03 (23rd May 1997)
       a) Added validity checking on printer driver to make sure it's not corrupted, and hence
          lock up the print playslip reoutine.
       b) Fixed bug where you cannot register yourself after the 30 day evaulation period has
       c) Added no. of days left to 'unregistered' Info window.
 v2.02 (18th May 1997)
       a) Fixed random seed bug where changing choices reset the random seed, resulting in the
          same set of numbers being given if you changed day and then predicted some more
 v2.01 (2nd May 1997)
       a) Big fix - Now correctly tests wins for less then four numbers when checking previous
       b) Changed references to "payslips" to "playslips". You can tell how much I read the
          official documentation! Thanks to John Davidson for pointing this out.

For previous versions, see the 'History' file inside the actual application.

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