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There follows a concise list of changes between each version of SiteMap, in reverse date order so that the latest changes are listed first.
N.B. The latest version may not necessarily be the released version, as current development is also shown here.

 v1.11 (6th Feb 2009)
       a) Bug fix: Detect (and report) invalid RISC OS filenames in links.
       b) Change: Closing the window doesn't save choices, whereas Quit does.
       c) Bug fix: Ignore 'Orphans' option when link checking a single file.
       d) Bug fix: Correctly detect links with spaces in the filenames (this bug was inadvertently
          introduced at v1.07).
       e) Bug fix: Include background images in bandwidth calculations.
       f) Bug fix: Correctly cope with <title> opening tag but immediately followed by the end of
          the file.
       g) Added new option to check for filename case discrepancies in links. 
 v1.10 (5th Feb 2009)
       a) Bug fix: If choices is not writable on quitting, !SiteMap will quit gracefully. Thanks to
          R.Torrens for reporting this one.
       b) Added option to estimate approximate bandwidth required by each page.
       c) Add debug options to end of debug log.
       d) Bug fix: Prevent truncated links when they overlap the end of buffer space. Thanks to
          Roger Darlington for spotting this 'nasty' one.
       e) A few cosmetic improvements.
 v1.09 (17th Jan 2009)
       a) Bug fix: Obscure one whereby links in index/html files were not being correctly 'orphan'
          checked, thus giving false positives. Thanks to P.N.Young for reporting this one.
       b) Wrote StrongHelp manual (first edition).
 v1.08 (14th Jan 2009)
       a) Added additional icon to open Templates directory.
       b) Added option to obey robots.txt files in website root directory.
       c) Bug fix: Don't abort with 'end of file' errors on encountering zero length HTML files
          during scan.
 v1.07 (14th Jan 2009)
       a) Bug fix: Improved parser for detecting link filenames. Should now cater for surplus spaces
          or gaps before/after = sign.
       b) Bug fix: When link check is OFF, ensure that any link check specific options are also
          ignored (so it doesn't matter whether the other options are on or off.
       c) Bug fix: Correctly grey out the 'Reports spaces' and 'Check for orphans' controls when
          you turn off 'Link check'.
       d) Bug fix: Obscure one whereby dragging a new web directory to SiteMap when SiteMap already
          had the caret in the site map icon could lead to corruption in the site map icon buffer!
       e) Move default window positions so that they appear on screen when first run in small screen
       f) Allow top-bit characters in source/destination filenames.
 v1.06 (12th Jan 2009)
       a) Added hourglass colouring when checking external links (to indicate what's going on).
       b) Bug fix: List multiple external link errors under the same file heading.
       c) Added display of current external link to status icon.
       d) Added throwback to text editor, so you can simply double-click on errors to jump to the
          appropriate line in the source code.
       e) Add URL handling code to launch web browser if one is not already loaded and you click on
          the website link.
       f) Added facility to add full URL to XML sitemaps.
       g) Added additional check for spaces in filenames/links.
       h) Added check for orphaned files (those not linked to from anywhere).
 v1.05 (10th Jan 2009) - First non-beta release - as it seems pretty stable now!
       a) Added ability to include spaces in sitemap file, to make structure easier to see.
       b) Added option to automatically open report files on completion of scan.
       c) Added option to create report files in plain text (same as previously) or in HTML
       d) Correctly parse links starting with ./ (as opposed to ../)
       e) Added option to change default index name from "index/html"
       f) Made sitemap title the description for the main website index page.
       g) Added keyboard handler to correctly pass on f12 when SiteMap owns the caret.
       h) Bug fix: Fixed issue where <script>....</script> was not always skipped correctly.
       i) Bug fix: Link check index files (special case as they're indexed as a directory
          is 'discovered' rather than when scanning through it.
       j) Added registration code.
       k) Miscellaneous bug fixes and improvements.
       l) Left justified status display, so that a more visually regular scan of the files
          is shown.
       m) Added option to save/load multiple choices so that you can have different choices
          for each website without having to remember your individual settings.
       n) Added ability to link check individual files by dragging them to the main window.
       o) Added option to promote (or demote) directory index files to the top of sitemap
       p) Added checking for existence of sitemap file and offer overwrite warning if it
          already exists.
 v1.04 (8th Jan 2009) - BETA TEST 5
       a) Tidied up link checking code and greyed out icons when disabled.
       b) Bug fix: Prevent reports directory from opening when no reports present, or link
          checking is disabled.
       c) Amended location of report files so that they're back in the scrap directory. 
          This is due to feedback I've received, and it makes sense as you probably don't
          need to keep them and if you do, you can easily copy them safe somewhere else.
       d) Added a bit of automatic detection to the reports directory and grey out the open
          icon if it's unavailable.
       e) Bug fix: Ignore VBScript inside links (don't flag as empty links).
       f) Added 'filename' to items to scan in order to find a suitable page description.
       g) Bug fix: Correctly scan large (over about 200K) HTML files without getting stuck
          in an infinite loop (ooops, silly mistake in sequential file pointer code!)
       h) Added percentage display to hourglass and extra logging facilities (so as to spot
          any future bug g's)
       i) Bug fix: Make debug OFF the default option for logging.
 v1.03 (6th Jan 2009) - BETA TEST 4
       a) Bug fix: Disable 'Check external' if previously configured to ON, but SiteMap
          can't detect Wget on loading.
       b) Added <base> tag support which allows you to store the sitemap file outside the
          website directory but still reference links within the website when viewing
       c) Added support for Acorn's interactive !Help.
       d) Improved detection of wget, so that it will also detect !Wget as an application, 
          if you don't wish to install it in your Library directory.
 v1.02 (6th Jan 2009) - BETA TEST 3
       a) Added option to grey out unused or unavailable icons.
       b) Reset log each time you re-process your website.
       c) Bug fix: Correctly cater for comments by looking for "<!--" rather than "<!-- "
       d) Bug fix: Correctly skip over it's own sitemap file, if created inside website.
       e) Moved report files inside the actual website being scanned (inside the .SMreports
       f) Automatically reset sitemap/html filename when dragging a new source directory.
       g) Added (very) preliminary support for SiteMap styles, including XML Sitemap.
       h) Added preliminary support for checking external links (via Wget)
       i) Added detection of VBScript, so treat all code within <% .... %> as comments.
       j) Improved multi-tasking and added an 'Abort' button.
 v1.01 (4th Jan 2009) - BETA TEST 2
       a) Split debugging options into its own window.
       b) Added !Help option to main window as well as main menu.
       c) Amended link check to include links without being in quotes.
       d) Added line counter to indicate the line on which mis-matched < >'s occur.
       e) Improved error handling to close 'sitemap' file if an error occurs.
       f) Allowed application directories to be dragged to SiteMap as source locations.
       g) Added cumulative < >'s count to logging.
       h) Bug fix: Incorrect < > count when link without "'s is immediately closed by >.
       i) Made link to !SiteMap open in a new window.
       j) Bug fix: Reject blank filenames for destination sitemap file.
       k) Added ability to index files with no <title> description (optional)
       l) Bug fix: Incorrect 'total files' count fixed.
       m) Miscellaneous bug fixes and minor improvements.
 v1.00 (3rd Jan 2008) - BETA TEST 1
       First beta version - should be all working ok though.

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