ENT [24K]
Downloaded:466 times
Version:1.01 (26th Nov 2002)
Requirements:RISC OS 3.10 or above
128K wimpslot

This is an Acorn Risc OS port of the DOS/Unix program by John Walker to test pseudo random number sequences.

!ENT will perform Entropy, Chi-Squared, Arithmetic Mean, Monte Carlo Value for PI and Serial Correlation Coefficient analysis on any given pseudorandom sequence of bytes stored in a file and report the results of those tests.

I've pre-compiled a C absolute file and included John Walkers original C source code as well as commented the source code to my wimp front-end, written in BASIC for people who want to see how to write a rudimentary BASIC wimp application from scratch.

Those interested in privacy and fighting to keep it, may be interested in my other crypto software or in visiting Dr Nat Queen's excellent Acorn crypto pages.

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