Beta Testers for PV Software

Occasionally, I'm developing new RISC OS Software and like to make available limited pre-release versions for the purpose of beta-testing or gaining feedback on the user interface or functionality of the application.

To this end, beta-testers are occasionally required. However, in the past some people have seen this as an excuse to get their mits on an advance copy of a new release, then never provide any feedback or comments. This wastes time and defeats the object of beta-testing a piece of software, so I'm now a bit more discerning as to who can be a tester.

The purpose of becoming a beta-tester is to provide useful feedback and bug reports on the working of the pre-release software. To this end, you require some experience of testing software, together with logging the cause and steps leading up to any problems or crashes. Comments as to the usability of features or suggestions for other features are also welcome, and should be worded in a simple to understand, unambiguous fashion to avoid confusion.

Those people who become a beta-tester and then fail to provide any feedback on the application will be removed from beta-testing future products, so please ensure that you endeavour to beta-test when you say you will.

If you are still interested in becoming a beta-tester, please contact me with a brief CV containing details of any relevant experience and a few sentences about why I should choose you as a beta-tester. Please also include a summary of your RISC OS computer equipment, including the version of RISC OS you have.

I will then contact you if you're lucky to have been selected to beta-test a particular product. If you don't receive a reply within 48 hours then you've been unsuccessful on this occasion. However, do not let this stop you from applying in the future.

Current beta-tester vacancies

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