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BASCalc is a simple BASIC expression evaluator. It relies on the EVAL statement in BASIC, which is very flexible and should allow most arithmetical expressions to work.

It was inspired by a program called !Calcula, originally written by Iain Logan back in 1992. Thus, I have also implemented some memories (M1 to M6) and Hex, Decimal and Binary conversions. It also understands the variable X which is the result of the last calculation.

BASCalc will also perform a number of simple VAT calculations and you can additionally set the number of decimal places for the display.


BASCalc 1

Calculating an ex.VAT price

BASCalc 2

Showing the maximised window with memories

BASCalc 3

Calculating the equivalent GCOL & TINT values of colour 86 in the !Paint palette.


There follows a concise list of changes between each version, in reverse date order so that the latest changes are listed first.
N.B. The latest version may not necessarily be the released version, as current development is also shown here.

 v1.06  (17th Apr 2008)
       a) Added 'PAINT' command (to convert into GCOL values).
       b) Added web and mail links to 'Info' window.
 v1.05  (6th Mar 2006)
       a) Added 'All Clear' (AC) button to clear entry box as well as all memories.
       b) Added a small button for pasting the answer at the caret position.
       c) Added 'Decimal places' menu option, to set the number of decimals for results.
 v1.03  (25th Jan 2006)
       a) Changed labels from 'C' to 'Clear' for clarity.
       b) Caret position correctly reset when 'Clear' clicked upon.
       c) Made window toggle open and closed on clicking on iconbar.
       d) Centred window positioning above iconbar.
       e) Added some additional information on standard deviations.
 v1.02  (23rd Mar 2005)
       - Amended VAT calculations to fix a bug in calculating ex.vat prices.
 v1.01  (16th Jul 1999)
       - Amended parser so that characters inside quotes are not converted
         to uppercase. This should fix calculating ASC"a" etc.
 v1.00  (11th Jun 1999)
       - First release version - should work ok.

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