Ten Steps to Positive Thinking and Successful Living

People often ask me how I keep such a positive outlook on life, sometimes in the face of adversity. I guess I'm just a positive thinker, because I believe that we're each capable of creating our own reality or shaping our own destiny. People who moan that they were born into the wrong family or situation are merely admitting defeat or not accepting that they are individually responsible for their position in life.

To this end, I've compiled a list of ten things that I consider to be important steps to positive thinking, creating and living the reality you choose. They're in no particular order, other than the order I thought of them and wrote them down. Please feel free to offer feedback if you like.

1) Early to Bed and Early to Rise Makes a Man Healthy, Wealthy and Wise

A great proverb by Benjamin Franklin and one that I think rings true. I find that thought processes work better in the early morning. Have an early night and get up with the sunrise. See how more positive you feel - as well as having done a stack of work before it's even breakfast time.

2) Face and Overcome Fear

Think about negative thoughts, encompass them, analyse them. Examine them from all angles. They then appear to become less severe and less important to your life. Don't hide them though. Face them head on. Once you don't fear Fear, then nothing much can cause you stress.

3) Tidy your House. A Tidy Desk Inspires a Tidy Mind

If you're surrounded by clutter, it will create the reality of a cluttered mind and you won't be able to think straight. Once you start to tidy up around you, and you see a clean desk with nothing on it, you start to have clearer thoughts. You have a sense of being in control. Once a desk is tidy, you can then look for things to do (and do them immediately) instead of feeling that you're playing catch-up all the time.

4) Start Meeting Your Own Deadlines

Give yourself a list of things to do - and do them all.

5) Get Time Away from the Mains Supply

This is an odd one. I was going to say, get away from technology, but I don't think it's that. I believe it's alternating current in your house (lights, electricity powering computers, TVs etc.) that induces a state of confusion or pulling from one place to another. This is obvious if you think about it, because that's exactly what AC current does - alternate.

Try this for yourself. If you have a laptop, use it to start writing an article. It doesn't matter what - a novel, or even 10 things to do today. Sit in your familiar office environment with the laptop plugged in. Write something creative. See how easy/difficult it is.

Now, disconnect the laptop from the mains and go and sit in your living room, or in the garden, or even at the kitchen table. Do the same thing. Does it feel more creative, easier?

It could be that you've disconnected that 'umbilical cord' of being tied down. You've freed yourself, physically as well as mentally - or it could be that the 'connection' between your thought process and that alternating state has changed. This is why I find my little Psion Netbook invaluable.

6) Have No Secrets

This is a tricky one as you need to overcome a mental barrier. However, if you share thoughts with others you tend to amplify positive thoughts and dilute negative ones. As the old saying goes, a problem shared is a problem halved.

7) Make Friends with Positive People

I believe there's a kind of entropy at work here, in that the universe is always trying to make things at equilibrium with their surroundings. Thus if you keep dwelling on negative issues, you'll attract other negative people. Once you start becoming more positive, more people will want to be your friend - so this step is almost self-fulfilling and should create a snowball effect.

8) The Snowball Effect

Do you remember when you first started to ride a bike? Initially you couldn't do it and you kept wobbling or falling off? But you persevered and slowly got better. That feeling of 'getting better' triggered an invisible 'I can do it' mentality, which in turn helped you to achieve your goal. Once you mastered it, it became second nature and you never forgot. You probably also wondered why it took you so long to master what now seems like second nature.

Don't think "I wonder if I can do that". Think, "I can do that" without having doubt. In fact, leave no room for doubt. Put the thought out and let go. It WILL happen.

9) Keep it up

You need to stick at this. Don't let negative thoughts take you down a step, just when you've gone forward two.

There will be times when you think it's not working. This is a defence mechanism by the 'fear' energy. Think "I don't do fear" and move on. Start closing doors, and opening new ones. Always move forward in life.

10) Remember it's YOUR Path

No one elses - so not everyone moves at the same speed. It's YOUR path of life and you're in charge of it. There's no race to get to the end first.

Some people may be impatient and others may stroll along looking at the view, or having a quick nose at dead-ends or wrong turnings along the way. This is all part of the learning process so don't let anyone judge your progress.

It's your path. Be in control of it.

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