Paul's National Mince Pie Survey

...or what's the best seasonal mince pie?

Now, I like a good mince pie. However, there seem to be so many available these days (discounting good old home made ones, which are by far the best anyway!), I thought I'd do a survey to find which of the commercial ones are the best - or at least pass my own taste bud test.

I've been carrying out this test unofficially for the past few years now, especially as I've found it quite difficult to find a decent shop-bought mince pie which passes all five tests; Crumbliness, flavour, size, sweetness and price.

I've rated each criteria on a one to five basis, as well as giving an overall mark out of five. The higher the number, the better I think it is. One thing I've discovered is that the 'high quality' (read 'expensive') ones aren't always the best. Indeed, I've found that the cheap ones from my local co-op taste better than the 'deluxe' ones.

However, all this is highly subjective and you may completely disagree with me. However, I wish you the compliments of the season for your own experimentation....

If you have any comments to make, or want to recommend any makes that I've missed out, you can either contact me via this website, or send me some of the relevant mince pies to sample! :-)

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