The Beaufort Scale - in English

After some pretty high speed winds during the night I decided to look up the Beaufort Scale of wind speeds to see how fast hurricane force winds really are, as the Isle of Wight had 85mph winds over night (3rd Dec 2006).

This scale was devised by Admiral Sir Francis Beaufort (1774-1857) who was hydrographer of the navy and introduced the wind scale in 1805.

However, I could only find references to the wind speeds in metres per second - which is useless to intelligent people who want it in real measurements, hence the creation of this page - in English measurements.

0less than 1calmless than 1
11-3light air1-3
24-7light breeze4-6
38-12gentle breeze7-10
413-18moderate breeze11-16
519-24fresh breeze17-21
625-31strong breeze22-27
732-38near gale28-33
947-54strong gale41-47
1164-72violent storm56-63
1273 or morehurricane64 or more

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