Using the Ant Suite with Virtual Risc PC

Virtual Risc PC (VRPC) is a RISC OS emulator for Windows based computers, which will allow you to run a RISC OS environment (and thus all your favourite applications) on a Wintel computer. This can be convenient for people who require a laptop for work but still wish to run RISC OS software.

Personally, I don't like emulated solutions because:

a) you still have the unreliability and insecurity of Windows. After all, VRPC is just another application running on top of the underlying Windows. The stability and ease of use of RISC OS is let down by a foundation of sand.

b) giving people the opportunity to run an emulated RISC OS on Wintel hardware is damaging sales of genuine RISC OS hardware manufacturers.

Unfortunately, because I don't have VRPC myself, I've not tested or written any specific instructions regarding the Ant Suite. Therefore, I cannot offer technical support to VRPC users. I am sorry for any inconvenience this may cause, but I suggest that questions should be aimed at Virtual Acorn themselves. They do have a handy FAQ.

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