Internet Filetypes & icons

Internet Filetypes & icons

Type name FiletypeDescription
HTML 0xFAF Hyper Text Markup Language (text) 34x34 17x17 34x17 17x9
URL 0xB28 Uniform Resource Location (text) 34x34 17x17 34x17 17x9
Marcel 0xB86 UNIX Berkeley-format mailbox (text) 34x34 18x18 34x17 18x9
XBitMap 0xB61 UNIX .xbm ASCII encoded monochrome images 34x34 18x18 34x17 18x9
PNG 0xB60 PNG images 34x34 18x18 34x17 18x9
GIF 0x695 CompuServe GIF87/89 images & animations 34x34 18x18 34x17 18x9
Gopher 0xB62 Gopher hypertext protocol menus 34x34 18x18 34x17 18x9
JPEG 0xC85 JPEG JFIF baseline & progressive encoding 34x34 18x18 34x17 18x9

Download archive containing all icons in RISCOS sprite format [6380 bytes].

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