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Vigay.com has been designed for ease of use and simplicity, allowing visitors to find whatever they're looking for with a maximum of three mouse clicks. All of the panels on this front-page can be turned on or off depending upon what you, the user, wish to see. This means that if some of the topics here don't interest you, they can be disabled and you'll see a nice short index page containing links to subjects which specifically interest you.
This feature does require cookies to be enabled on your web browser (if they're not, you'll simply see all panels so you won't miss anything) and you can simply click on the X button to close the panels you don't want.

I've also designed and written a brand new search engine for this site. This now forms part of the header on every page so, wherever you are, you can always do a search if you can't find what you're looking for. It's even capable of offering comments and suggestions to aid your search, and will automatically contact me if nothing is found - so that I can improve the site. I've now made the What's New section dynamically update, so it will update automatically whenever I edit or add any new files on the server.

Privacy is utmost, so please feel free to read my privacy policy.

I hope you enjoy your stay.


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