Acorn Browse HTML Support

Document Status

Distribution:   General Release
Title:   Acorn Browse HTML support
Drawing Number:   1216,211/T
Issue:   1
Author(s):   Andrew Hodgkinson
Date:   07/09/1998
Revision:   1.00
Change Number:   N/A
Last Issue:   N/A


  1. Document Status
  2. Issue / Revision History

  3. Supported Elements
  4. Supported Entites
  5. Supported Colours
  6. Broken HTML

  7. Further reading

    1. HTML 4.0 Specification
    2. Acorn Browse Plug-In Handling Description

Issue / Revision History

Issue 1 (General release)
1.00 07/09/1998 Created, using JavaScript in places since this allows easy maintenance base on application source code (ADH)

Supported Elements

The browser's parser recognises the following set of elements and the browser itself will act on the following element attributes:

A  coords href name shape target
APPLET  align [1] alt code codebase height hspace object vspace width
AREA  alt coords href shape target
B  n/a
BASE  href target
BASEFONT  color [4] size
BIG  n/a
BLINK  [2]
BODY  alink background [6] bgcolor [4] link text vlink
BR  n/a
CITE  n/a
CODE  n/a
DD  n/a
DEL  n/a
DFN  n/a
DIR  [2]
DIV  align [4]
DL  None
DT  n/a
EM  n/a
EMBED  align [1] height src width
FONT  n/a
FORM  action method target
FRAME  bordercolor [4] name noresize scrolling src
FRAMESET  border bordercolor [4] cols frameborder framespacing rows
H1  align
H2  align
H3  align
H4  align
H5  align
H6  align
HEAD  n/a
HR  align noshade size width
I  n/a
IMG  align [1] alt border height hspace ismap src [6] usemap vspace width
INPUT  align [5] alt checked maxlength name size src [6] type usemap value
INS  n/a
KBD  n/a
LI  None
LINK  [2]
MAP  name
MENU  None
META  content http-equiv [3]
NOBR  [2]
OBJECT  align [1] border classid codebase codetype data height hspace name shapes standby type usemap vspace width
OL  start type
OPTION  selected value
P  align [4]
PARAM  id name type value valuetype
PRE  n/a
Q  n/a
S  n/a
SAMP  n/a
SELECT  multiple size
SMALL  n/a
STYLE  [2]
SUB  n/a
SUP  n/a
TABLE  align [1] bgcolor [4] border cellpadding cellspacing height width
TD / TH  align bgcolor [4] colspan height rowspan valign [4] width
TEXTAREA  cols rows
TITLE  n/a
TR  align bgcolor [4] colspan height rowspan valign [4] width
TT  n/a
U  n/a
UL  n/a
VAR  n/a
XMP  [5]

Footnotes from the above table:

  1. Alignment - Browse does not support floating objects, so text cannot flow around images and navigation tables cannot float next to content tables for example. It will attempt to at least align objects centred or to the left or right margin where possible. See [4] also.
  2. Unsupported - The browser does nothing with this element.
  3. META - only used for client pull presently.
  4. UK English - for some common items Browse will recognise UK and 'American English' spellings, e.g. "color" and "colour", "center" and "centre".
  5. Partial support - Some values may not work as expected (typically alignment specification).
  6. Internal URLs - Navigator (but not MSIE) knows certain "magic" URLs such as 'internal-gopher-image'. Web proxies have been known to pass these out to people using FTP through them. Browse does not support these magic values.

Supported Entities

The full range of HTML 4 entities are supported.

Æ00C6 Á00C1 Â00C2
À00C0 ΑΑ0391 Å00C5
Ã00C3 Ä00C4 ΒΒ0392
Ç00C7 ΧΧ03A7 ‡2021
ΔΔ0394 Ð00D0 É00C9
Ê00CA È00C8 ΕΕ0395
ΗΗ0397 Ë00CB ΓΓ0393
ΙΙ0399 Ï00CF ΚΚ039A
ΛΛ039B ΜΜ039C Ñ00D1
ΝΝ039D ŒŒ0152 Ó00D3
Ô00D4 Ò00D2 ΩΩ03A9
ΟΟ039F Ø00D8 Õ00D5
Ö00D6 ΦΦ03A6 ΠΠ03A0
″2033 ΨΨ03A8 ΡΡ03A1
ŠŠ0160 ΣΣ03A3 Þ00DE
ΤΤ03A4 ΘΘ0398 Ú00DA
Û00DB Ù00D9 ΥΥ03A5
Ü00DC ΞΞ039E Ý00DD
ŸŸ0178 ΖΖ0396 á00E1
â00E2 ´00B4 æ00E6
à00E0 ℵ2135 αα03B1
&&0026 ∧2227 ∠2220
å00E5 ≈2248 ã00E3
ä00E4 „201E ββ03B2
¦00A6 •2022 ∩2229
ç00E7 ¸00B8 ¢00A2
χχ03C7 ˆˆ02C6 ♣2663
≅2245 ©00A9 ↵21B5
∪222A ¤00A4 ⇓21D3
†2020 ↓2193 °00B0
δδ03B4 ♦2666 ÷00F7
é00E9 ê00EA è00E8
∅2205  2003  2002
εε03B5 ≡2261 ηη03B7
ð00F0 ë00EB €20AC
∃2203 ƒƒ0192 ∀2200
½00BD ¼00BC ¾00BE
⁄2044 γγ03B3 ≥2265
>003E ⇔21D4 ↔2194
♥2665 …2026 í00ED
î00EE ¡00A1 ì00EC
ℑ2111 ∞221E ∫222B
ιι03B9 ¿00BF ∈2208
ï00EF κκ03BA ⇐21D0
λλ03BB ⟨2329 «00AB
←2190 ⌈2308 “201C
≤2264 ⌊230A ∗2217
◊25CA ‎200E ‹2039
‘2018 <003C ¯00AF
—2014 µ00B5 ·00B7
−2212 μμ03BC ∇2207
  00A0 –2013 ≠2260
∋220B ¬00AC ∉2209
⊄2284 ñ00F1 νν03BD
ó00F3 ô00F4 œœ0153
ò00F2 ‾203E ωω03C9
οο03BF ⊕2295 ∨2228
ª00AA º00BA ø00F8
õ00F5 ⊗2297 ö00F6
¶00B6 ∂2202 ‰2030
⊥22A5 φφ03C6 ππ03C0
ϖϖ03D6 ±00B1 £00A3
′2032 ∏220F ∝221D
ψψ03C8 ""0022 ⇒21D2
√221A ⟩232A »00BB
→2192 ⌉2309 ”201D
ℜ211C ®00AE ⌋230B
ρρ03C1 ‏200F ›203A
’2019 ‚201A šš0161
⋅22C5 §00A7 ­00AD
σσ03C3 ςς03C2 ∼223C
♠2660 ⊂2282 ⊆2286
∑2211 ⊃2283 ¹00B9
²00B2 ³00B3 ⊇2287
ß00DF ττ03C4 ∴2234
θθ03B8 ϑϑ03D1  2009
þ00FE ˜˜02DC ×00D7
™2122 ⇑21D1 ú00FA
↑2191 û00FB ù00F9
¨00A8 ϒϒ03D2 υυ03C5
ü00FC ℘2118 ξξ03BE
ý00FD ¥00A5 ÿ00FF
ζζ03B6 ‍200D ‌200C

Supported Colours

aliceblue f0 f8 ff antiquewhite fa eb d7
aqua 00 ff ff aquamarine 7f ff d4
azure f0 ff ff beige f5 f5 dc
bisque ff e4 c4 black 00 00 00
blanchedalmond ff eb cd blue 00 00 ff
blueviolet 8a 2b e2 brown a5 2a 2a
burlywood de b8 87 cadetblue 5f 9e a0
chartreuse 7f ff 00 chocolate d2 69 1e
coral ff 7f 50 cornflowerblue 64 95 ed
cornsilk ff f8 dc crimson dc 14 3c
cyan 00 ff ff darkblue 00 00 8b
darkcyan 00 8b 8b darkgoldenrod b8 86 0b
darkgray a9 a9 a9 darkgreen 00 64 00
darkkhaki bd b7 6b darkmagenta 8b 00 8b
darkolivegreen 55 6b 2f darkorange ff 8c 00
darkorchid 99 32 cc darkred 8b 00 00
darksalmon e9 96 7a darkseagreen 8d bc 8f
darkslateblue 48 3d 8b darkslategray 2f 4f 4f
darkturquoise 00 ce d1 darkviolet 94 00 d3
deeppink ff 14 93 deepskyblue 00 bf ff
dimgray 69 69 69 dodgerblue 1e 90 ff
firebrick b2 22 22 floralwhite ff fa f0
forestgreen 22 8b 22 fuchsia ff 00 ff
gainsboro dc dc dc ghostwhite f8 f8 ff
gold ff d7 00 goldenrod da a5 20
gray 80 80 80 green 00 80 00
greenyellow ad ff 2f honeydew f0 ff f0
hotpink ff 69 b4 indianred cd 5c 5c
indigo 4b 00 82 ivory ff ff f0
khaki f0 e6 8c lavender e6 e6 fa
lavenderblush ff f0 f5 lawngreen 7c fc 00
lemonchiffon ff fa cd lightblue ad d8 e6
lightcoral f0 80 80 lightcyan e0 ff ff
lightgoldenrodyellow fa fa d2 lightgreen 90 ee 90
lightgrey d3 d3 d3 lightpink ff b6 c1
lightsalmon ff a0 7a lightseagreen 20 b2 aa
lightskyblue 87 ce fa lightslategray 77 88 99
lightsteelblue b0 c4 de lightyellow ff ff e0
lime 00 ff 00 limegreen 32 cd 32
linen fa f0 e6 magenta ff 00 ff
maroon 80 00 00 mediumaquamarine 66 cd aa
mediumblue 00 00 cd mediumorchid ba 55 d3
mediumpurple 93 70 db mediumseagreen 3c b3 71
mediumslateblue 7b 68 ee mediumspringgreen 00 fa 9a
mediumturquoise 48 d1 cc mediumvioletred c7 15 85
midnightblue 19 19 70 mintcream f5 ff fa
mistyrose ff e4 e1 moccasin ff e4 b5
navajowhite ff de ad navy 00 00 80
oldlace fd f5 e6 olive 80 80 00
olivedrab 6b 8e 23 orange ff a5 00
orangered ff 45 00 orchid da 70 d6
palegoldenrod ee e8 aa palegreen 98 fb 98
paleturquoise af ee ee palevioletred db 70 93
papayawhip ff ef d5 peachpuff ff da b9
peru cd 85 3f pink ff c0 cb
plum dd a0 dd powderblue b0 e0 e6
purple 80 00 80 red ff 00 00
rosybrown bc 8f 8f royalblue 41 69 e1
saddlebrown 8b 45 13 salmon fa 80 72
sandybrown f4 a4 60 seagreen 2e 8b 57
seashell ff f5 ee sienna a0 52 2d
silver c0 c0 c0 skyblue 87 ce eb
slateblue 6a 5a cd slategray 70 80 90
snow ff fa fa springgreen 00 ff 7f
steelblue 46 82 b4 tan d2 b4 8c
teal 00 80 80 thistle d8 bf d8
tomato ff 63 47 turquoise 40 e0 d0
violet ee 82 ee wheat f5 de b3
white ff ff ff whitesmoke f5 f5 f5
yellow ff ff 00 yellowgreen 9a cd 32

Broken HTML

The browser will cope with a variety of types of broken HTML, not least of which includes incorrect structure (documents with TITLE inside BODY sections and so-forth). The measures detailed below have been arrived at over a lengthy development cycle where behaviour of Navigator, Internet Explorer, and other browsers is compared on various sites which failed in Browse. Over time, the parser and browser have become progressively more robust to broken HTML, though there is always work to do to improve this.

Steps taken include:

This is not a complete list, but it covers the most important things.

Further Reading

The following may be of interest.

HTML 4.0 Specification
The "horse's mouth" description of current HTML at the time of writing.
Acorn Browse Plug-In Handling Description
A description of the way that the browser invokes plug-ins.
Last updated 5 October 1998
© Acorn Computers Limited, 1997
Valid HTML 4.0