Acorn Internet: Specifications

Specifications This section of the Acorn Internet site holds various specifications which are in some way connected with the Acorn Internet applications. It is most likely to be useful to programmers.

The specifications are of course provided ‘as-is’. The contents are not guaranteed to be correct, and may change without notice.

The following specifications are available at this site:

The following informal descriptions are available at this site:

If you cannot find a document you are interested in here, you could try:

  1. The documentation section of the ARM Ltd. web site
or you could try Internet search engines, such as:
  1. AltaVista
  2. HotBot or
  3. WebCrawler
Many standards documents exist on servers all over the world. The World Wide Web consortium (W3C) is a good place to find out about current and emerging standards in HTML and other Internet technologies.

Alternatively, you could have a look at a List of RFCs, or for a less formal approach, one of many good starting points is the WebReference site.

Finally, if you’re a registered Acorn developer and require a document which you think exists but can’t see available publically, the best bet is to contact developer support through the usual channel.

If all else fails, it is often therapeutic to give up and visit The Dilbert Zone instead.

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